Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza by PLUTO0606 [JULY 30,2013]

Credit: pluto0606 at hyuniversal.com

(Fancams) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - Radio & Recording of Sketchbook

(Article) Kim HyunJoong confesses, 'MV rated as 19+..feelings mixed'

Source: NEWSEN
Translation: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

On July 30th in Kim Bumsoo's Gayo Plaza, Kim HyunJoong expressed that he felt bad towards his MV rating evaluation.

He said, 'I thought my MV will be rated as 19+ in the first place but it ended up being rated to be suitable for all ages. I felt relieved'

However, fans had left messages in the radio's message board conveying the fact that it had been rated as 19+, and he couldn't hide his confused look.

He said, 'Looks like it's rated to 19+. Complicated..I wanted to kill two birds with one stone but it seems impossible.'

(Article) Kim Hyun Joong: 'I'll definitely not reveal my relationship to the public..difficult time for the girlfriend'

Source: NEWSEN
Translation: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

Kim HyunJoong reveals that even if he does have a girlfriend, he will not reveal their relationship to the public.

He said, 'If I'm not a entertainer, I think I might be able to date someone freely. But it seems impossible because I'm an entertainer.'

He continued, 'Someday even if I broke up with my girlfried, it looks like the title of 'ex-girlfriend of ...' will still remain with her. If she couldn't get married, it might be because of the title 'ex-girlfriend of...'' 

He added, 'As for my ideal type, it would be someone who's able to share the same hobby as I do' 

(Article) When it comes to foul words, it's definitely Kim Hyun-Joong...insufficient broadcast time after editing'

Source: NEWSEN
Translated by: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

On July 30th in Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza, Kim HyunJoong confessed that he often use the foul words.

He said, 'Whenever I read (overseas) fan's letter, there are a lot of times where foul words are used, not knowing the meaning behind it. I was thinking that did they learn it in our country or did someone teach them directly? It's a pity to see this.'

Kim HyunJoong continued, 'To be honest, I often use the foul words too. Recently in the variety programme, lots of my part was edited out because of the foul words I've used. So it has become 'When it comes to foul language, it must be Kim Hyun Joong''.

Ze:A's Kwanghee Posts Inkigayo Backstage Photo with Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: weibo.com/princekwanghee
Translation: wangqizi at twitter

 "took a pic together with the very handsome oppa kim hyun joong, we are all sunshine guys" 

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong on Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza [JULY 30,2013}

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Brief trans by : @howlovelylala on twitter

Kim Hyun Joong talking about 'open-relationship' on Kayo Plaza "If I am dating with someone (in a relationship), I will not open that in public because just in case I break up with her, she will get tagged as HJ's ex-girl friend. I don't want that. However I will definitely open when I decide to get married."

While Kim Hyun Joong was talking about 'open-relationship', he got live messages like 'please live alone til old' from fans via radio player's message board. 
He joked "these kind of fans actually got married and even have kids, but they asked me to live alone"