Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Article) When it comes to foul words, it's definitely Kim Hyun-Joong...insufficient broadcast time after editing'

Source: NEWSEN
Translated by: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

On July 30th in Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza, Kim HyunJoong confessed that he often use the foul words.

He said, 'Whenever I read (overseas) fan's letter, there are a lot of times where foul words are used, not knowing the meaning behind it. I was thinking that did they learn it in our country or did someone teach them directly? It's a pity to see this.'

Kim HyunJoong continued, 'To be honest, I often use the foul words too. Recently in the variety programme, lots of my part was edited out because of the foul words I've used. So it has become 'When it comes to foul language, it must be Kim Hyun Joong''.

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