Sunday, December 14, 2014

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong Attends Inspiring Generation Co Star Kim Sung Oh's Wedding

He attended the wedding along with other co stars like Song Jae Rim.

Glad to see him looking healthy. Fan accounts from the wedding say he is handsome but he tried not be seen too much from the wedding to avoid attention, maybe, since it's a private event.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vote for Kim Hyun Joong at 2014 Yahoo Buzz Awards

2014 is almost over and here comes another important poll for Hyun Joong fans. Though 2014 has been a really tough year for Hyun Joong, (and for our hearts) , glad there are still fans who never left and still dedicate time for these polls. Let's show our support for Hyun Joong. 


Source/Credit: Onlykhjfamily HK (HFHK)

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014 is coming
Please let us to vote for KHJ immediately.

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong 2014 F/W Catalog Photos for LOTTE DUTY FREE

News is really scarce nowadays (as expected) but Im glad these photos make up for it.. He is so handsome in these photos! Is it safe to say he looks better without girlfriend then? 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong at AOMORI SHOCK ON Festival by LOVE77HYUN

There are a lot of photos for the event so I apologize if you feel like I posted too much from the event!

Credit: blog.naver.com/love77hyun