Saturday, August 17, 2013

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Behind The Scenes for HIGH CUT Vol 107

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Kim Hyun Joong Says He Sighs at His Looks

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Kim Hyun Joong reveals he sighs whenever he looks into the mirror without his makeup on.

The singer appeared in the August 15 broadcast of KBS2′s Happy Together 3 for its flower boy special.

When the MCs asked him when he thinks he looks most handsome, he answered, "When I have all my makeup on."

He added that the makeup covers up what he thinks is his biggest flaw, the dark circles under his eyes.

"I sigh whenever I see my bare face," he said. "The dark circles have taken over."

MC Park Mi Sun, however, still had praise to say for the singer′s looks, as she said, "But you don′t have much makeup on now. Your dark circles add to your mood. I kept staring at you out of all the guests because I was so surprised [at your looks]."

She also said, "People ask me who looks most handsome in person. I choose Kim Hyun Joong out of all the men I′ve met."

Kim Hyun Joong once accidentally called his girlfriend by his ex's name


Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he'd been dumped by a lot of women over the years.

On the August 15 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3', he revealed, "I've been dumped by a lot of women. Once, I even got dumped from a text message. She told me, 'Have a good life', so I replied, 'Okay'."

He added, "But if I date, I put my everything into the relationship. If we go out, I take care of everything. I can't stand seeing a girl flustered and not knowing what to do".

But apparently, even the mighty Kim Hyun Joong makes mistakes. He confessed, "Once, I called my girlfriend by my ex's name. I made the mistake and it really surprised the both of us."

Kim Hyun Joong looks back on his school days and part-time jobs on 'Happy Together'


On the latest episode of KBS' 'Happy Together', artist Kim Hyun Joong recalled his school days and the different part-time jobs he worked to save up money.

Fans probably already know this story, but Kim Hyun Joong revealed his knack for saving money, impressing the MCs with his pre-debut achievements.

Well-known for his '4D' way of thinking, Kim Hyun Joong shared, "During elementary school, I was smart enough to wake up at 6 in the morning to solve math problems. But later in my school days, I let go of studying without a second thought and started working part-time jobs."

He revealed, "The money I saved from when I was younger plus the money I earned from my part-time jobs accumulated to about 100 million won ($89,400)."

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that female customers used to leave their phone numbers on the receipts for him.