Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(Fancam) Kim Hyun Joong World Tour in Peru by MURDERERQ

Credit: blog.naver.com/murdererq

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong Departing Incheon+Arrival at Lima for PHANTASM TOUR In PERU

First of all, sorry if it took some time for me to update. I didn't update because of two reasons. One, because of the issue. And second, I'm in a time where I need to prioritize my work over anything else. In short, Im getting old. I need to live my life. The issue just added to one of the reason I just needed to pursue the second reason.

I will update. But I dont think it will be frequent as what I use to be like before. I am sorry guys.

Credit: blog.naver.com/murdererq