Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong Departing Incheon+Arrival at Lima for PHANTASM TOUR In PERU

First of all, sorry if it took some time for me to update. I didn't update because of two reasons. One, because of the issue. And second, I'm in a time where I need to prioritize my work over anything else. In short, Im getting old. I need to live my life. The issue just added to one of the reason I just needed to pursue the second reason.

I will update. But I dont think it will be frequent as what I use to be like before. I am sorry guys.

Credit: blog.naver.com/murdererq


  1. You haven't said anything yet about the issue yet Kathy. Are you waiting to hold your judgement until all is said and done or are you just going to stay quiet about it?

    1. Hello...

      As a fan of course I have my opinions regarding the issue. But I opted not to talk about it or make a post about it. Yes you may be right, a part of me doesnt want to talk until all is said and done. I have dropped hints on my twitter on what I think of the issue, but I opt not to dwell on it too much for the meantime.

  2. this blog is quite disappointing...never read any support from the blogger ever since...a self proclaim kim hyunjoong fan? c'mon show it Kathy...
    what i've always seen from this blogger is her dislike about kim hyunjoong hair, hair color ,outfit the role given to him and the girls being paired to him.are you really a fan? just asking...

  3. Hey! I guess kathy doesn't want to prolong this issue that's why she keep silent..and she is a true fan coz i think she knew better than us..those news in korea are being manipulated.truth will prevail at the right time so lets just move on and enjoy.