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{Repost} Kim Hyun Joong is bringing his sexy back with his 3rd mini album, 'Round 3'


Photo credit to Facebook Kim Hyun Joong (Keyeast)
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Greetings to all Henecia members and fans of Kim Hyun Joong around the world,

Just as many of us are just starting to rest and relax this summer after the excitement of Hyun Joong's Japanese Album, 'Tonight', our namja has sprung another surprise on us. That's right.
After two years of quiet in Korea, Hyun Joong is bringing his sexy back with his 3rd mini album, 'Round 3'. So what does it mean?
It means it's TIME for Henecia and Kim Hyun Joong fans from around the world to gather their strength and show their support! So come one, come all! =)

Behind every successful star, there are legions of loyal fans. Are you one of Kim Hyun Joong's fans? Because if you care that much about him, there are a lot of hard work to be done - work that we all do in the hopes of shooting him to the first place, to win awards, to smile that bright smile of joy and euphoria...and most of all, to know that we really love him and are always behind him.

Okay, so the album is going to be released in Korea this time. And as many of us know, to win the charts in Korea, there are a few things to be considered, namely: Digital Sales, album sales and online votes.
For those who may not know what Digital Sales is, it's simply the downloading (i.e. legal online purchase) and streaming (i.e. listening to them while online) of songs and ringtones, which is done via various online music stores in Korea, i.e. Melon, MNET, Soribada, Bugs, and Dosirak. As is usually the case for us at OKT, we too will do our part for Round 3's Digital Sales.

An important update on Digital Sales:
For the download and streaming of songs on Melon, the company no longer needs a Korean ID to register, though it still needs an extra verification of identity via a Korean phone line.
But no worries, we can help you in this if you wish to get your own ID to download and stream Hyun Joong's album.

Firstly, just register your own ID using your own email address and do your normal verification of the email.(Click here for tutorial) Then, send us your ID, with the required amount of money, and we will help you to verify the ID in Korea, as well as to top it up with the equivalent cash amount (so that you can use it for streaming/download) and return the ID to you. The download on Melon costs 600 Won per song; but required 1000 Won minimum top up,  to enable your ID for streaming, you need to top up 6000 Won, which will allow you to stream unlimited number of songs for 1 month.

As for MNET, we are still working out the details about the new registration. So we will update that when things are clearer. But in the meantime, the price for streaming per ID for MNET is 6000 Won and we do accept donations if you are keen to help, to support him, but is short on time or just doesn't want the hassle of dealing with the technicality of the Digital Sales. To download 1 song in MNET costs 660 Won. You can donate a gift certificate that costs USD$11 (per certificate), which will then allow us to download about 15 songs.
Please do contact us at onlykhjtimes@gmail.com if you wish to donate.

Here is a helpful link you can refer to for different ways to support

Come on gurls... Let's do our best to show our man we're still right behind him! =))

Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 OFFICIAL WEIBO Update: "Practice, practice, practice ..."

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Caption: 연습, 연습, 연습...

Adding FACEBOOK PAGE Update^^

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(English Subbed) BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 12


HYUN-JOONG.COM Update: Official Photos from Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 2013 KHJ SHOW ‘Party People’


(Photos) Sneak Peak Into Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 New Music Video

Sorry folks, you cant see Kim Hyun Joong's face, but at least this gives you a hint right? Let's wait till July 22 for the new album!

Credit: NEXUS
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Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 recruits Jay Park and Dok2 for his long-awaited Korean comeback

Wow! Jay Park and Kim Hyun Joong in one song?! Cant wait to hear it!


Kim Hyun Joong already had eager fans checking their wallets after the announcement of his first Korean release in almost 2 years, but there's more good news to spill! Jay Park and Dok2 will be featuring in his upcoming album!

Key East Entertainment revealed, "Jay Park and Dok2 featured in Kim Hyun Joong's new album, 'Round 3'. We ask for your love and support for this new and exciting collaboration."

Dok2 participated in the R&B-style title track, "Your Story", while Jay Park added his attractive voice color to the track, "Unbreakable".

Get ready, ladies and gentleman, because Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on the 22nd!