Friday, June 6, 2014

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong 30 second Teaser for Japanese Single, HOT SUN


Happy 29th Birthday, Kim Hyun Joong!

Here's to wishing Kim Hyun Joong a Happy Birthday!
Technically, Hyun Joong is 28 years old today, but on Korean age, he is already 29, which means time nearing to his military enlistment is near! T_T

But until then, let's all hope we get to see Kim Hyun Joong on his latest World tour! 

Hyun Joong Oppa, though I am quite guilty of quite abandoning you a little for the past year, I still am your fan. I may have come to a point where I was adamant of what shows you went into last year(lol.), I am still here, as one of your supporters. I will not claim to be your biggest fan, because when I look into how much time and effort other Henecians spend for you, I know what I do is not enough. But at least, I will always be here, trying to help others know more about you, in my own little way. I guess I'll just call what I have for you, "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" . LOL. Giving you something without asking so much in return. You dont even know me, but Im still here! LOL.

Anyway, enough of my drama, all I wish is for Hyun Joong is to flourish more in his career not only as a singer, but as an actor. Very proud of you as a Shin Jung Tae. But my dream role for you is to become a handsome CEO in a drama soon! kekeke. Please? Jebal? Return to the flower boy image please? 

Happy Birthday Hyun joong~! Happy Birthday Henecians!