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Kim Hyun Joong discusses his buddies Yoochun & T.O.P's acting


Kim Hyun Joong talked about his friends Yoochun and T.O.P!

Kim Hyun Joong had an interview with TV Daily after his drama 'Generation of Youth' ended on a high note. In the interview, he was asked, "Do you often talk with idol singers who are also active as actors?"

He answered, "I think the cases of idol members to actors that succeeded well are Yoochun and [T.O.P]. When I called [T.O.P], he said he was working hard on filming the movie 'Tazza'. I only hear Yoochun from rumors, but they say he really focuses on his work."

He continued, "He's not just pretending. He tries to melt into the role and communicate with the director. Yoochun is normally a very warm person. People who are good at acting need good emotions, and Yoochun is like that. If you see people who don't succeed, they think, 'Since he can do it, I can do it too', but they only say the lines without emotion. On that, Yoochun and [T.O.P] are on another level."

Kim Hyun Joong joined ‘Barefoot Friends’ because of Kang Ho Dong

Source : StarHallyu
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Kim Hyun Joong says the variety show he participated together with Kang Ho Dong ‘Barefoot Friends’ is his last variety show.

In an interview with Korean media, Kim Hyun Joong expressed “I have no intention on participating in another variety show in the future”.

Kim Hyun Joong said that the reason for him to participate on ‘Barefoot Friends’ was because of Kang Ho Dong, he had no intention of participating until the news of Kang Ho Dong’s participation came out. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that “I learnt a lot from Ho Dong. I will cameo if Hyung calls me to, however I do not want to participate in variety shows as a fixed guest”.

Kim Hyun Joong to start World tour from June onwards

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Kim Hyun Joong to embark on World tour starting from 28th June in Korea! Although the list of countries this handsome is visiting has not been revealed yet, but Kim Hyun Joong promised that many countries will be involved. It’s been 2 years since Kim Hyun Joong’s last fanmeeting tour in Asia, the news of World tour is definitely causing excitement for fans in Asia and beyond!

Before officially going on World tour, Kim Hyun Joong will be promoting for his 4th mini album in Korea, which is expected to be released in June 2014.

Kim Hyun Joong’s take on Kim Soo Hyun’s role in ‘My Love from The Star’

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In recent interviews, Kim Hyun Joong was asked if he would want to act as Do Min Jun in ‘My Love from The Star’. To this, Kim Hyun Joong shared his thoughts, he expressed that he will not take part even if he was offered the part.

What’s the reason for this? Kim Hyun Joong explained that he doesn’t like Sci-Fi concepts and could not understand Do Min Jun’s superpowers such as teleport and time freezing in the drama. He also said “Kim Soo Hyun is a very professional actor, thus was able to interpret Do Min Jun’s character well. If I were to act as Do Min Jun, I will not be able to interpret as well as Kim Soo Hyun did”.

When asked further about if he still wants to take up a flower boy role, Kim Hyun Joong answered that he is very realistic, if he gets an offer on a flower boy role, he would first ask himself whether he can interpret such a role well. Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he will not act the part if he’s not prepared, he also worked very hard and tried his best for Shin Jung Tae’s character in ‘Inspiring Generation’.

Kim Hyun Joong reveals his comeback will be in June

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his future plans during a recent interview. Kim Hyun Joong said that he will be traveling with Bae Yong Joon, “Originally I planned to go alone, but Yong Joon hyung said let’s go together”. Kim Hyun Joong also plans to act again before going to army next year.

In addition, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he will make a comeback with 4th mini album in Korea this June. However, Kim Hyun Joong said that he will not be as active as a singer after his army service, the album he is releasing this June will probably be the last of him as a dancer-singer. In the future, he will be trying on song writing and making music that can be expressed at a smaller venue.

(Article) Kim Hyun Joong denies that he is dating After School's UEE


Kim Hyun Joong talked about the rumors of him dating After School's UEE!

Back when both of them were starring on 'Barefoot Friends', a rumor had spread that the duo were actually dating. According to rumors, Kim Hyun Joong had introduced UEE to his friends as his girlfriend. Even though the rumors quieted after the show ended, it still pops up from time to time.

In an interview he had with Star Today, he was asked about the rumors. He answered, "It's not true at all. To be honest, I trusted these rumors out of instinct. But now that I became one of the subjects, I realized they're not believable. I heard through the rumors that I was dating UEE, and we laughed together when we saw it. After that, the staff kept teasing us, so I jokingly said 'she's my girlfriend', and that became the fuel for another round of rumors. It's a scary world."

He added, "We were all close during the filming, but I don't think I could ever be dating UEE like the rumors suggest.

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