Monday, April 7, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong joined ‘Barefoot Friends’ because of Kang Ho Dong

Source : StarHallyu
Photo Credit : Keyeast

Kim Hyun Joong says the variety show he participated together with Kang Ho Dong ‘Barefoot Friends’ is his last variety show.

In an interview with Korean media, Kim Hyun Joong expressed “I have no intention on participating in another variety show in the future”.

Kim Hyun Joong said that the reason for him to participate on ‘Barefoot Friends’ was because of Kang Ho Dong, he had no intention of participating until the news of Kang Ho Dong’s participation came out. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that “I learnt a lot from Ho Dong. I will cameo if Hyung calls me to, however I do not want to participate in variety shows as a fixed guest”.


  1. You said it, HJ ... i like you in BFFS.... you made the shows more fun, specially the episode of food trip and one bite quest.... I 'll never forget epi. 25, you're so naughty on that epi...you made my stomach ache 'cause of laughing....^^^

  2. Shillang, you are what you are! You inspire each one of us not because of ur pretty face, it is because your heart is pure.. You make us happy in those variety shows with ur wit and charm. Thank you to your parents because they share their precious treasure to us, YOU! Love Buin