Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong's Next Drama November Airing Postponed; Confirmed Broadcast on January 2014

Source : http://office.kbs.co.kr/cyberpr/799586 2013/09/17 16:20
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KBS miniseries "Age of Feelings" has been confirmed that it will air in next January.
Scheduled to be the new year's first Wed/Thur drama.

Confirmed to air in January 2014 as the new year's first mega project

A mega project drama, to be made with total 15 billion won's budget.
Shanghai Media Group (SMG) pledged its full support for the filming (the drama) in China.

KBS 2TV Wed/Thur miniseries 'Age of Feelings' (Script Chae Seung Dae/ Lee Yun Hwan, Director Kim Jung Kyu, Production Company Ray&Mo) has been confirmed that it will air in next January.

'Age of Feelings', portraying Korea-China-Japan's romantic gangsters set in 1930's Shanghai, is the most anticipated KBS drama of 2014 and a mega project, total 15 billion won's production cost will be invested into.

Since the drama's main background is Shanghai, there are huge outdoor sets preparing in China. The effort of the crew and cast to make the higher quality drama is expected to gain momentum by its air schedule confirmed, despite the tight schedule.

Now the production company Ray&Mo has determined to join hands with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) in order to film in China, also the filming will begin next month. It is said that Shanghai Media Group (SMG) which is one of the biggest companies in the field in Shanghai, China, has guaranteed to provide full support for the filming in general like permissions from the local.

The cast also agreed to make the drama higher quality rather than make its air date sooner since they felt the filming schedule would be delayed because of the oversea filming and preparations.

Since the drama has been confirmed to air in January, 'Age of Feelings' cast and crew made a fresh start and put themselves into the drama filming with enthusiasm to bring a higher quality drama for the viewers.

'Age of Feelings' is an emotional romantic noir, portraying 1930's Korea-China-Japan's romantic gangsters' love, fidelity, and friendship with large-scale and amazing action scenes.
KBS 2TV Wed/Thur miniseries 'Age of Feelings' is scheduled to air in next January.


KBS clarifies "Age of Feelings" has been confirmed to air in January because of its oversea filming schedule.
(http://office.kbs.co.kr/cyberpr/799586 2013/09/17 16:20)
In the morning KBS also has officially reported that the drama "Age of Feelings" re-scheduled (postponed) not canceled and asked to reflect KBS official opinion.

(http://office.kbs.co.kr/cyberpr/799556 2013/09/17/09:57)