Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jin Se Yeon has 'naughty hands' on Kim Hyun Joong on the set of 'Generation of Youth'

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Jin Se Yeon brought chuckles as she showed her 'naughty hands' or 'bad manner hands' on Kim Hyun Joong in BTS photos from 'Generation of Youth'!

As Kim Hyun Joong and Jin Se Yeon's onscreen romance starts to blossom, it appears they've gotten closer and more comfortable with each other, especially apparently when it comes to skinship! This time, it wasn't the typical kiss or holding of hands, but a pat on the butt with Jin Se Yeon patting Kim Hyun Joong like a baby while he can't help but smile.

Make sure to catch more of the two on 'Generation of Youth' every Wednesday and Thursday!

(Media Photos) Inspiring Generation Episode Photos [March 6,2014]

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Age of Feeling Leads with Three Days Chasing Right After It

Great news for IG. But from the looks of it, Yoochun's drama THREE DAYS is doing great for its first episode.

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With SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars gone, KBS’ Age of Feeling took its place on top, but it’s uncertain how long that’ll last.

Although Age of Feeling came out first on Wednesday night with 12.0 percent in ratings, right behind it was SBS’ new drama, Three Days with 11.9 percent.

As advertised, Three Days started out strong with a storyline wrapped in mystery as well as excellent performances from the actors, especially Park Yoo Chun and Song Hyeon Ju.

Not to mention, even MBC’s Cunning Single Lady is not that far behind with 10.3 percent.

So a new race begins.

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Shooting for Inspiring Generation (감격시대) at Buan and Wando by MURDERERQ

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(Photos) Inspiring Generation Behind The Scene Photos From KBS OFFICIAL SITE

(Media Photos) Inspiring Generation Cast PressCon [March 3,2014]

I think they had a presscon because they are battling two new dramas for this week... Im not sure though. Because IM SUPER LATE with this update!