Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Article) Kim Hyun Joong: 'I'll definitely not reveal my relationship to the public..difficult time for the girlfriend'

Source: NEWSEN
Translation: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

Kim HyunJoong reveals that even if he does have a girlfriend, he will not reveal their relationship to the public.

He said, 'If I'm not a entertainer, I think I might be able to date someone freely. But it seems impossible because I'm an entertainer.'

He continued, 'Someday even if I broke up with my girlfried, it looks like the title of 'ex-girlfriend of ...' will still remain with her. If she couldn't get married, it might be because of the title 'ex-girlfriend of...'' 

He added, 'As for my ideal type, it would be someone who's able to share the same hobby as I do' 


  1. Also said that he doesn't want to be in any relationship now, he has all the right to protect his private life and we as his fans respect it, I really like when he is honest about his feelings as a man and artist

  2. Sometimes I really like to think that he should has someone that he loves...I really would be glad if I listen that news. :)

  3. Same here...go on fall in love and experience the wonderful feelings..as a fan..I dont mind. We are not teeny boppers here.

  4. Oppa you are really a gentleman