Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Article) Kim HyunJoong confesses, 'MV rated as 19+..feelings mixed'

Source: NEWSEN
Translation: https://twitter.com/heavenly606

On July 30th in Kim Bumsoo's Gayo Plaza, Kim HyunJoong expressed that he felt bad towards his MV rating evaluation.

He said, 'I thought my MV will be rated as 19+ in the first place but it ended up being rated to be suitable for all ages. I felt relieved'

However, fans had left messages in the radio's message board conveying the fact that it had been rated as 19+, and he couldn't hide his confused look.

He said, 'Looks like it's rated to 19+. Complicated..I wanted to kill two birds with one stone but it seems impossible.'

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