Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interesting Answers from Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at Busan Lotte Hotel Fan Meeting in Seoul

Thanks to @howlovelylala for the translation... 

Translation: twitter.com/howlovelylala

Congratulations u've won the prize at Okinawa InternationalMF 
김현중:I truly owe it to everyone.

(how do u feel after the Tour)
김현중:I feel I am loved this much by U. My next album will be released w good quality. 

(what do u do on ur day off)
김현중:I dont get any day off.. I spend a whole day preparing the variety show and album.

김현중:i lost my weight like 1.5kg after the concert.(How much put your energy for the co-stage with dancers and a band) 

김현중:planning to have a world tour frm Sep and it might be possilbe to show myself as an actor at the end of the year

김현중: I got a Master certificate(scuba dive) in Okinawa.Next time, i will get a instructor certificate.

김현중: 'OnePiece' than diving. i really like the cartoon. I've never cried when reading a cartron but I did for the first time cuz of it.

Q:the ring on ur ring finger, with someone? 
김현중: it's from the brand I modeled for.I've been using it for a long time ago. I will tell you then (if I have someone.) 

김현중: I'd like to dance by 34 and get married by 40 (fans surprising sound) Why? Do you guys also getting married.(laughing) Please wish my happiness too.

Q3 What are u eating for breakfast?
김현중:I dont eat breakfast.When I wake up it's midday

Q: Did you say you wanted to lengthen your hair? 
김현중:I want to try different roles like singer, actor, and so on. I wish I can go back to the time.(*the moment he had his hair cut? Not sure this part) 

Q:If you go out w someone in Seoul, where do u want to go?
김현중: I know girls like to say to go to a romantic place or walk around town, but actually like department store. (laughing) So I'd like to get some gifts at department store. But I never did. If I go with, I will become a driver. 

김현중:I was worried that you would get a cold since it was colder in Seoul than in Japan. Please get a warm coat during the tour.

Q:what do u want to do on day off? 
김현중: Actually I work without day off.yesterday i also worked in the recording studio. 

김현중: There will be something to surprise you before the next album. Please look forward to it. I will take a break till then 

Q:If u have a dayoff,what do u want among One Piece/soccer/diving?
김현중:(even before the Q finished) ONE PIECE

Q: when you think you look good?
 김현중: (shy smile) When I take off my T-shirts to let my instructor check my muscles...(HJ stopped saying and very embarrassed). I think my body looks better compared than the other people standing next to me.(*when get checked by intstructor together)(HJ felt very shy here bending himself forward and curving his eyes like crescent moon. so cute!)


  1. I like everything in this interview, except the part where he said to have world tour in Sept, and be an actor at the end of the year, Well, I hope he can be in drama first, then start his world tour. I'm afraid it will be like CC, when he was having Japan Unlimited Tour at the same time... =(

  2. back off everyone...esp. those who keep on insisting that he is in relationship with that woman???????????? im so sick and tired of your illusion! its loud and clear comes from his own mouth,... he is not wth someone right now! but I pray he will find the one someday!