Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Trans] Kim Hyunjoong, Super Junior Eunhyuk and Yoon Siyoon to come to Vietnam in early April

As of this post, KEYEAST hasn't made a final NOTICE about Hyun Joong being confirmed for the show. But I guess our HJ is already confirmed for the show as he had been giving hints lately. Though I'm still quite ambivalent towards the show, I guess I cant do anything anymore if its really true. Might as well support it right?

Source: VIVO http://vivo.go.vn/tin-tuc/bai-viet/4257-kim-hyun-joong,-eunhyuk-suju-va-yoon-si-yoon-sang-viet-nam-vao-dau-thang-4.html
Translated by @raichanxd 

Along with national MC Kang Ho dong, the three 'flower-boys' Kim Hyun joong, Super Junior Eunhyuk and Yoon Siyoon will come to Vietnam in early April to record for SBS's new variety show. The show is called 'Dream Route' which belongs to SBS's famous reality-variety show Good Sunday. On the other hand famous comedians like Yoo Seyoon, Lee Segeun, Kim Bumsoo and Yoon Jongshin will also join the program.

Vietnam is chosen as the first place for the show. According to SBS official news, the cast included 100 members will come to Vietnam on April 4th and will record for 4 days at many famous places in Vietnam. PD Jang Hyuk of Family Outing will be the one in charge of the show. "Good Sunday – Dream Route" will air their first episode on April 21st, right after Kpop Star Season 2 ends.

* VIVO claimed to be one of the sponsor media for the show in Vietnam.

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