Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(Photo) Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 First Photo After Military Enlistment!

Its nice to see him after a while! Hyun Joong, were here for you! Fighting!

1) KeyEast: 
Picture was taken on 7/25. 
HJ was out on duty with another senior soldier and returned back to camp on the same day. 
He was not on leave.
cr: @501wangja

2) According to KE HJ's photo circulated online was taken while he was out of camp on 25th. 
He returned evening therefore not attending wedding
cr: @illublue 


  1. Thank you so much for the photo. He looks good , strong and healthy.
    Hope to see more of his pic. really miss him

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Like other blogs that takes sides on the on going legal lawsuit, I like your way of acting neutral. The thing needed for any fan, to remain straight headed and not jump into conclusions, whatsoever until proven otherwise. Keep it up.


  3. Just wonder what kind of person he is, how could he made a woman abortion for him 4 times....

    1. Not him!that bitch herself the one who enjoy the abortion.Ara...??? 4 times, are you kidding?

  4. Kathy. Hope you are still here. I'm a new fan of KHJ. got to know about him after he entered the army. I wasn't into KPOP before. I fell in love with him when I saw him in WGM on YouTube and when I searched for more news on him I saw the articles about the scandals and couldn't believe it as what they are accusing him of are so farfetched from his characters. Although a new fan I have never doubt that HJ is innocent. The truth will eventually be revealed and he will have cleared his name when he is back from military service. Until the time comes, let us fans be here waiting for HJ.
    Please continue to update your blog. I know it's been a long while since we heard news about HJ that is not related to the law suit. However some news are worth celebrating such as when HJ got promoted in the army after only 2 months of service, or when his fans donated thoughtful gifts to his base in Paju. Even the news that he is now a father is a blessing. Hope you have not changed your mind. Please keep supporting Hyun Joong ��

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  6. Thanks for this picture hehehe

  7. Fighting!Very proud for him!He look gorgeous.So sexy...wow!wow...


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