Sunday, July 6, 2014

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong Interview at MBC'S Section TV [July 6,2014


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  1. I find it interesting that when asked about which actress he would like to work with, KHJ mentioned Han Hyo Joo AGAIN (first time was mentioned in a Nov. 2010 interview). He mentions her for largely the same reasons... 2010: He mentions their similarity in age and how in Dong-Yi she was really "eye catching." 2014: Again he mentions their similar age and appearance. 'She has an elegant outlook but interestingly, she also has a wild side of her. Our age are also quite similar so I think we can enjoy working together.'

    Will Han Hyo Joo be his "go-to" answer when it comes to actresses-he'd-like-to work-with questions like how Lee Hyori is his "go-to" for ideal type?

    Also something funny (and I could be totally wrong) but I think he goes for the "sexy/elegant/good girl" type (what an oxymoron I know). I think it was during his ideal type world cup after he picked Krystal that Jessica noted that he like the "sexy/pure" type and he agreed.

    Now I'm not necessarily saying that by identifying HHJ as the actress he'd like to work with means that he has a crush on her... but look at his face when he talks about her. He can barely contain a grin! And if he was only interested in her professionally, why would he care/how would he know that she has a wild side?

    Again I may be totally off my rocker but I think it's interesting kekekeke.