Monday, July 29, 2013

KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 ROUND 3 'Your Story' M/V (Full ver.)

OMGG!!!! hyunjoong~~~ahhhh!!!
VIDEO CREDITS: http://www.youtube.com/user/kimhyunjoong606


  1. Lol, white flag. I bet all khj fans wish she were in the shoes of that lady in the MV :-)

  2. I love this song and mv....I have seen so many fans like the lyrics but not the mv, and it kinda makes me sad for Hyun Joong......Hyun Joong has grown extensively as an artist.....and you really see it through this song Your Story....While I love unbreakable as well as the other songs on Round 3, the same fighting and attitude you see in the unbreakable mv is not expressed on mnet and other stages the entire time...We see it in bits and pieces, but the song Your Story, Hyun Joong facial expressions, body language, his intensity level, the inflections he uses in his voice while he performs in this mv and on stage makes you feel that you are the one he is singing the song too....He connects to his audience, draws them in, and before they even realize it, they are caught for the entire time that he is singing this song.......Others might feel like they connected to him completely in unbreakable...For me,the song, Your story is my favorit on his Round 3 album. I can't wait to see him grow more as a performer, whether on stage or on screen....And not to belittle anyone who has a problem watching his Your Story mv because of his interaction with a woman...but HJ is a man who like any man needs to feel affection, love, and desire....And probably has going as far as....its none of our business.....The part that I am sad about is that all they see is Hyun Joong kissing a woman on a bed....and not a man who loves the woman he is with, who misses the woman he loves....who has gone through anger, foolishness.....they are missing the entire point of the song....Haven't you felt the way or experienced what he is singing about...taking out old photos, songs, letters....The white flag a picture of surrender or maybe something else......Hyun Joong I love this mv as well as unbreakable and I can't wait for your next album to see what new things you have learned and bring to the stage....fighting.....