Monday, July 16, 2012

Having All The Reasons To SMILE... Because Of Kim Hyun Joong

Time flies so fast, that I didnt even remember today, July 16, marks the 2nd year since I first started blogging Anything, Everything About SS501's Magnetic Leader, Kim Hyun Joong. My... how time flies.

I cant even enumerate all the things that happened to me ever since I started making Kathy's Bench. Probably, the journey to reach my 2nd year was the most bumpy, but simply, the most fulfilling time for me. Who would have thought, my simple crush for Kim Hyun Joong, plus my avid loyalty to Playful Kiss, would get me this far... I must have been doing the right thing then.

I had never expected, even the slightest bit of it, that I would ever have the chance to follow Hyun Joong outside my country, more so, being a "jetsetter" for two Asia Fan Meetings as I never had the means to do so. More so, I had never expected,that Id be able to step on two countries in just a span of 2 weeks.

But, it always surprises me how great Kim Hyun Joong fans are generous enough to share their blessings and help me achieve what I had achieved, all because they say, I had done so much for them. Really, its still new to me when Hyun Joong fans say it to me, but really thank you.

My dear Unnie Yuki, My Unnie Christine, and Unnie Elsa... Thank you. I know I never had the chance to thank all three of you properly, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For trusting me...

I can go on and on about my experiences on the Asia Fan Meeting but that would be another post, and I hope I can find time to get inspired and find the right words to finally get the momentum to write about it.

To everyone who have been with me ever since Kathy's Bench had started and still believed me until now, thank you. I am not the only one who blogs about Kim Hyun Joong, but the mere fact that I still get great feedbacks from everyone, really makes me happy.

To some people who were there to irritate me from time to time, I thank you too. Cause on the process of trying to irritate me, through the years, I think I have learned when and when not to care. And seriously, it helped me mature.

To my Kbencher friends, thank you, for keeping up with my immature moments(most of the time!LOL) and for giving me so much joy and making me realize, that Friendship was the best perk of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

And lastly, Kim Hyun Joong, my inspiration for this blog. How I wish you can read this, but oh well...Thank you, for giving me so much. So much to be thankful and happy for. I can attest that you are more than just a pretty face, because, you may never know it, but you had changed my life completely.

As I always said,my love for you will be FOREVER. But dont worry, I dont even dream of being your girlfriend anymore. LOL. hehehe...

Happy Birthday to my baby, Kathy's Bench. I promise, Id do my very best to stay, as long as Kim Hyun Joong will always be here to stay.

I brought back the BANNER that best fitted(and probably got everyone curious) about the blog. Its Seung Jo on a bench on PK's Episode 14. It just brings back great memories... And makes me happy.^^




  1. happy birthday, kathy's bench! more power & may the force of hyun joong be with you always to continue blogging about him. you make our lives happy and set aside whatever problems may come our way and i thank you for that.

    i'm following you on twitter & subscribe on your blogsite to keep me in the loop of hyun joong's
    whereabouts. kamsahamnida!


  2. happy anniversary.

    I read your blog everyday and appreciate all the effort and hard work you put in to bring us the latest about wuri HJ. More power!

  3. love this 'bench' banner the best. thanks kathy for blogging about our favourite chap.

  4. Happy birthday Kathy’s bench! 
    & thank you soooo much for updating about Hyun Joong! Ur blog is my favourite! 
    Thnx for making us happy everyday! Fighting! 

  5. happy Birthday Kathy's bench and thank you so much for the happiness you bring to my life. I'm sure i will be your permanent follower .

    Right now I'm so happy with HEAT and Let's Party. I really love the songs.

    Hyun Joong is filming his new drama but I still can't get over from Hyunmin couple yet.

  6. I have been a fan only since June this year, and I love your blog. You have been so helpful when I have emailed you. I am falling in love with Hyun Joong day by day. Thank you so much for being for sharing your blog with us.

  7. Happy Birthday Kathy's Bench.. I love the banner.. this is the first one I saw and it really fits your blog. Kathy, I want to
    thank you for all your blog about KHJ...this is the first thing
    I watch when I go home from my stressful work.. so this blog is
    a big help for me.. again THANK'S ALOT... GOD Bless and more power
    to your blog. Stay healthy too..

  8. Congrats on your 2 yrs! Its being a great ride following the blog of wonderful news and great achievement of our lider KHJ! Kathy's Bench and KHJ is our Reason To Smile also! Congrats again and keep it up!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kathy's Bench!
    THanks for sharing all your hard works with us! ♥♥♥

  10. chukahe !!! kathybench for all the news you gave us about kim hyun joong.everyday i never forget to read your blogs and blogs of simply so min... i love so much hyunmin couple ...they are my happiness...kathy i love your banner,its reminds me of my loving couple...thank you very much !!! i missed them so much...happy anniversaries on your blogs... keep up the good work, you're an angel !!!kamsahamnida...god bless and long life...hyunmin forever<

  11. Happy anniversaries on your blogs..Here The best KHJ's Blog Thanks for shared dear^^

  12. happy 2nd anniversary Kathy's Bench!

    So much thanks for every entry abt Hyunjoong. This blog is one of my favorite blog that I have to look almost every time i have. I've been here since i knew Hyunjoong around May last year. I've got addicted to him everyday, every hour, every second of my life. As u are, knowing also have changed my life so much. Seeing him could heal my heart. Thank u sooo much for all ur efforts Kathy!!

  13. Congrats Kathy..Good Luck and More Power

  14. Hello everyone,

    I cant thank all of you one by one, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I feel happy that you all took time to comment and greet me!!

    Love you all!