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(Translation) Kim Hyun Joong Talks About City Conquest, His Plans After the Fan Meet (Including Visiting the Philippines!) at TVB Interview

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Video: kimhyunjoong24.com
Translation: Shereen Tan for kathysbench.blogspot.com

I'm here feeling nervous together with a lot of hong kong fans because our guest today 
is Korea Style Icon , Kim Hyun Joong 

Hello everybody , I'm Kim Hyun Joong

As we know, this is not the first time you visited HK. There are a lot of delicacies and popular
tourist spot in HK, so do you have any particular ones that you wish to try or visit ?

Actually HK is a place that I visited quite often personally but this time round the focus
is more on the fan meeting. That's why this trip to HK I won't be very particular 
about food or anything else, just hoping to focus more on the fan meeting . 

Everytime when you are on stage , you will be dancing and singing with a lot 
of passion together with your dancers . But we know that this will also used up a lot 
of energy. So is there any reason for you to choose a harder type of dance choreography

There are a lot of fans who say that my dance is actually quite hard to learn. 
I myself also thought so too. But even though the dance steps is a bit hard, but I also 
hope to perform it live on stage for everyone to see. So that on vision wise it wont be so 
boring. I had put a lot of hard work on this. For the future album and dance, I will
also do some research on it , working harder to give a better performance. 

How much would you rate your dancing skills out of 100 marks ? 

No matter which thing that I do, I cant give myself a 100 marks . 
But I really work very hard on dancing side, so I hope to give myself a 100 marks for 
that. Even though according to the performance on a certain day, the rating for the 
dance might be high and low, but when standing in front of fans and the public, 
I can dance in a confident way so I will give myself a 100 marks for that. The rest of 
comments is all up to the fans and public. 

With all the busy schedules you have, but when you have free time , you still choose to
go out and have fun. But why wont you choose to rest ?

I'm also a human , I also hope to have time to rest properly with the busy schedules I
have. But due to my own personality, I'm those type that cannot rest too long. I like to 
non stop creating working opportunities, I will also practice on rest days. I will just 
get something for myself to work on. If there is really a period of free time, example like
after the fan meeting tour ends, after the promotion for japanese album ends and also 
after filming for the drama, by that time should be end of December already. Before
2013 approach, I hope to spend about 10 days to travel to overseas instead of korea, 
to a warm country so that I can spend a winter which is also feels like summer. 

Like you mentioned, you want to go travelling , is there any place in mind ? 

For travelling wise, it is definitely that I want to go for a tour around the world but for
now what I feel like to do the most is going to Philippines together with a group of friends I like because I heard there is a gun type of method to fish and can get very big fish. So I hope to experience that. 

Everybody knows that you have a very busy schedule to work with , putting away the 
fan meeting tour this time, there are still a lot of work you need to deal with. So how 
do you regain back your energy ? 

Even though I'm busy working non stop , example like before the SG FM, and after the 
SG FM had ended , the stress before it will be all gone. Then when SG FM ends, I'm 
busy preparing for the new album and also came to HK, and after I overcome this, 
the stress will disappear naturally. This is what I thought. 

Everyone also saw your fit trained body during your performances, so do you have any
special ways of training your body ? 

Me myself as an artist have the resposibility to put more effort on my body. I'm not 
consider doing very well, but I still work hard working out. For my upcoming drama this
year, I need to work harder doing gym. Thats why I work out very efficiently lately. 
My body shape lately is the best in my history . 

What type of role are you acting in this drama since it requires you to train to have such a 
fit body ? 

HK fans should know those action movies, my drama this time round has some similarities
with those HK action movies. The character is very manly , and also had experienced 
the hardship of life but soft at another image. This is a very interesting genre. I also
grew up watching HK movies, I believe that this drama will be well received by HK 
viewers. Now is in the middle of preparation. 

There must be its own difficulty in portraying this role for this drama, but why do you
still accept to take on this role ?

I hope to act in a character which is different from the past characters I acted, I hope
to have a totally change of image. I'm undergoing acting training now for this drama due
to need to change the soft type of image I had last time, hoping to receive the title of 
manly Kim Hyun Joong . no matter on body wise or acting wise, I'm undergoing training

Everyone also knows that you referred yourself as Uzoosin and your good drawing skills
is well known, so can you draw a picture of you yourself on what type of person are you ?

done(look at the video^^)

Is this during when you dance ? 

This is my pose when coming out to stage during the opening of the FM, 

Can you let us see once ? 

There is an action like this. After everyone saw this, then you can slightly guess what
will happen during the FM. This is some kind of hint for all of you. 

Is there anything else that you want to tell your HK fans ? 

Dear HK fans, we have the chance to meet up during the yahoo award ceremony for 
the past years. This time I finally came to HK to perform. I will give all my best 
this time since after so long only I came again to perform. And will also hand shake 
with all the fans. Hope the FM this time is a heart to heart FM, 

I'm very happy to have the chance to interview you. thank you. 

thank you. bye bye 



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