Thursday, May 31, 2012

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong Arrives "In And Out" At Chengdu Airport

I had to sleep early last night so I was not able to be there when he arrived at Chengdu. But suddenly when I woke up, I saw tweets regarding this matter.

Apparently, he was withheld, along with his team, at the airport, because he didnt go the customs. So proper ways were done. Hmmm..... Poor Hyun Joong have to return to the airport again, so by 1 am he is still at the airport. He was able to be fully out of the airport by 2 am. Sigh. Poor HJ.

Tweets from @loveKHJ

- HJ left airport via CIP but documentation incmplete. was asked to return to airport after reaching hotel to wrap up paperwork
- he's already wrapped up paperwrk & left for hotel again. seems like organizer failed to ensure proper procedures & documentatn done beforehand.
- word has it that HJ first left airport at around 11:30pm, he returned to airport at 1am, and finally left airport for hotel (again) at 2am.

Apparently too, the reason why he's poker faced upon his departure is because he stayed up until 5 am that day to shoot HEAT MV, according to everyhyblue.

Hyun Joong ah. Your effforts will not be wasted. Be strong, FIGHTING!

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