Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong – Full report from Press conference in Chengdu

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Kim Hyun Joong greeted everyone in chinese ‘hi everyone, i’m kim hyun joong’.
Medias at the scene asked hyun joong to speak more sentences in chinese, kim hyun joong said ‘long time no see’ and shyly said ‘i love you’.

When asked about his impression on Chengdu fans, Kim hyun joong expresses that he is very touched. Yesterday he saw many fans waiting at the airport for him at midnight, his plane was delayed, but yet so many fans were waiting. He felt thankful for the supports from the fans.

When talked about impressions on Chengdu, Kim Hyun Joong honestly said, as he touched down very late at night, and first schedule today is to come for the press conference, he did not get any chance to admire the beautiful city view. He plans to go on sightseeing after the event ends.

A reporter asked Kim Hyun Joong which chinese movie he likes the most, kim hyun joong said that he watched TangWei’s Lust Caution recently, and was shocked.

Followed by another reporter, asking if Kim Hyun Joong is able to accept the big scale performance in Lust Caution, kim hyun joong says that he would feel shy if he was young, filming those kind of drama will feel embarrassed. But as he is older now, he realises that the plot is more important, actors should concentrate more on the character building of the role acted.

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that he will be performing 15 songs tomorrow, with great stage effects, so will not bore anyone.

Kim Hyun Joong says he likes Chengdu a lot, he knows there are pretty girls, panda, steamboat, and ‘shu’ embroidery. Originally he was scheduled to visit panda reserve, but sadly it was cancelled. Kim Hyun Joong said he knows about chengdu has pretty ladies and shu embroidery, so he wishes to see the look of pretty lady sewing.

Someone asked why Kim Hyun Joong did not open a weibo, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he is not good with the internet, but he will be giving fans a big surprise next week.

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