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(Fan Account) Lucky Girl Who Won A Photo Op With Kim Hyun Joong at Singapore

First of all, thanks for trusting me dear with your fan account^^

Looking forward to the uber lucky girl from Hongkong too^^

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Credit: Arfah Ebrahim (arfah2srikandi@live.com)

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From the start his schedule was released and Singapore will be the first destination, I was very excited to know when will be the actual date.

As in month of May 2012, I have personal function scheduled in line....praying that it won’t fall on the 12 May 2012 (it was my nephew’s Big Wedding Day).

The actual date was released and I am glad and thank GOD, Kim Hyun Joong  (KHJ) will come to Singapore on 4 May 2012.  Keep on my toe with friend who excited about the tickets.  Tickets collected and distributed to friend.

Just to make things easier for everyone, I took the first two tickets in-line.   I must say that I really really wish that I will be the lucky Fans for that day for whatever games.

Information about KHJ's arrival will be on 2 May 2012, was a bad news for me as his arrival time falls on my working day.  The time of arrival was schedule to be 1.30pm.  On 2 May 2012, I left only with 2 staff at work.  Since morning, I was contemplating to go to airport or not.  Since my friend has been encouraging me to go and it was during my lunch time.....I ran off at 1pm in a cab and zoom to T2.  Can’t believe it, KHJ’s power of coming to Singapore has dragged all Fans in Singapore down to T2 Singapore Airport.

As I am a shy person, I was looking for my friend but at the end I decided to just stand outside the glass door near where KHJ’s car was parked.   Lucky me, only girl standing there and never waited too long just stand like a statue.  Not too long, I heard screaming for KHJ name and my heart popping like the stereo.  Ahhh....should I be ready to take video or should I just prepare to pass him my giant card.   It was KHJ’s birthday card which I have prepared last night.  I choose a BIG card because I always miss to give him a small card.  This time I really learned my lesson....buy a GIANT card no matter what is the cost...anyway for my ONLY IDOL KHJ.   A little bit of what I have wrote inside the card, this time I wrote in Hanguk which I translated it from my iphone dictionary.   It works very well.  I wrote alot about 20 lines (Hanguk and English).  Who knows Kim Hyun Joong really understand English only that he do not want to show off. ( Ahh that’s why I’m the winner in the game ONE MIND with KHJ).  The glass door was opened and there I saw Mr Jeong,  KHJ’s  handsome bodyguard. ( Like boss like bodyguard).   His eyes was directed to meeee and he saw me holding the giant card.  He came across and grabbed it.  I was very very relieved and saw KHJ already entered the car.   I rushed to catch a cab as its near to 2pm to return to office.  I shared with my friends that my card was taken away by Mr Jeong....we so happy about it.

Well, the big day had arrived.  I took afternoon off from work.  I went to buy New Zealand ice-cream special for KHJ.   The salesgirl was very kind to wrap it doubled as I told her that I could only give this ice-cream to the person at 11pm.  She told me that it would not last that long....but I am abit stubborn person.   At home, I placed it in the freezer for about 3 hours before I took it out to go to Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS).

Arriving at the SIS, I have collected the T-Shirt and the brooch.  It was a very thoughtful of KHJ to think, to prepare, to give FANs  such a nice gift.  KHJ always never only want to accept from FANs (whatever gifts from fans to him, he will bring back to Korea) , but he too never forget to give away to fans.

Time shows 7.15pm, my sister and I decided to check-in.   The security guard warned no photo-taking was allowed.  I obeyed them as an innocent person.   Taking my seat and just waited for other friend to come in.  Later, 2 girls came and asked me for the ticket seat number because myself and my sister seated at the wrong seat.  I moved to my seat according to the ticket number and waited.  There was this security officer who was watching our seating area.  He was saying that one of the lucky fans will be from our area. The moment has arrived, KHJ starts with the first song, Let Me Go and followed by other songs.  He was charming as ever..  beautiful ...energetic....hot.....what more can I say....I just couldn’t remain quiet as I have promised my friends that I will scream for KHJ.  Earlier, I have told my friends that if KHJ sing “I’m your man” .....I want to scream “Na neun nae yo ja ya” but that moment the audiences was louder than me so even if I were to scream KHJ can never hear me.

Well, when KHJ went in..the MC came out and asking  fans to do a shout to KHJ to ask him to come out  “Oppa Kim Hyun Joong-ah” .  KHJ came out with a fresh looks dressing in white T-shirt with a nice design (understand that the heat in Singapore ...T-shirt is the best and KHJ always decent in his dressing eventhough he wear just plain T-shit).

MC informed that in the afternoon KHJ came to stick a yellow paper  written “CONGRATULATIONS” under the seats.  I am so excited and could not believe it that I have the paper under my seat.   Walking up to the stage, ushered by the security officer I can feel  my both legs trembling and my body feeling cold.  Up on stage because I am nervous I did not greet KHJ nor shake hands with him.  Until the last fans came up and straightaway she shake hand with KHJ.  KHJ did the same to all other 5 fans.  I can feel his hand strong and soft.  Now I know what is it like standing beside KHJ.  He was taller than me and his complexion sparkling along with the necklace he’s wearing....prince charming.  Phew..my brain empty and never have any idea what should  I do to this KHJ.

The game started...I am nervous and I want to WIN.  KHJ so cute when he pronounced ‘stone’ during Scissor, Paper and Stone game...one of the fans was eliminated.  Ohhh...i knew it she will be the lucky girl that KHJ will give a special treat.   But I want to WIN and I focus on what the MC ‘s instruction.   I was very surprise that I did the same as KHJ...and after the other 2 was eliminated, now left with me and the other fans.   This time....the pose was quite like manly ‘base-ball’ pose.  KHJ demo the 3 poses and when MC make me and the girl to try out....i felt very funny to do it.  But KHJ was very considerate.  When I did the first pose, I was out-of –balance and he show a sign to me to stop and we continue with the 2nd and 3rd poses.  MC said very nice and KHJ also said ‘nice’..so cute.

Now, the more I want to WIN....surprised!!  both did well until MC decided for us to close our eyes.  At that moment, I do not know what kind of reactions that come from KHJ after none of us got eliminated.  He did said “wondering if both of us has eyes behind our back”....kekeke.  Yeah! KHJ  isn’t this your game showing that your fans are having same Mind as you....

The moment I closed my eyes, I told myself that I will leave to GOD to decide so as not to make KHJ waited as time is running out.  I heard KHJ said 3-2-1  and goooooo .....I DID IT!!!

When I opened my eye, I realised I am the winner.  KHJ gave present to the other fans.   I still remember that I was happy and I smile from ear-to-ear.....and I could not believe it that I cannot jump up and down and I didn’t cry....... (in real life I am not like that ....if I won something I will jump and showing my excitement with people around me).  But thank GOD....I was cool kekeke.   MC called me “mak cik” that mean aunty or ahjumma.  Hah! its ok  its ok..thanks for the respect.

MC was very excited too he said I could do any pose I want with KHJ....but before I could think of any...KHJ already placed his arm (I can feel its heavy)  and that’s it  I just have to follow KHJ  do ‘peace’ and with a SMILE.   The Polaroid photo doesn’t come out too good, not sharp and it’s so tiny.  However, it was a small thing that money cannot buy from me.   I WILL TREASURE IT FOREVER AS IT WAS AN EVIDENCE THAT SHOW I AM ONE OF THE FANS WITH HAVING ONE MIND WITH KIM HYUN JOONG.   I am truly, sincerely happy for the interaction that KHJ has planned for the night.   I know all this came from him .....so I really proud to be the lucky fans that night.   If I can say this to Kim Hyun Joong in person........I really want him to know that my thanks to him for placing the yellow paper under my Seat Number 9 ROW 7.  I treat this as my 11 May birthday present.  During the hi-5....I can see KHJ smiling and he still looked refreshing like nothing happen...like he never do anything.   He’s wonderful, he’s a great performer, he’s fans service was fantastic and he’s LOVE toward FANs are POWER.  GHAMSAHABNIDA ......Kim Hyun Joong .    Saranghaeyo  from alphabeta, Singapore.  Check-out.

P/S ... to my friends Lina and gang, my sister, my LKHJ starlings ....thank you for coming to share the joy with me after the hi-5 that night.  Yessss  I could not sleep well....thanks to Kim Hyun Joong.  And the second thing I could not forget was “Will my Ice-cream reach to Kim Hyun Joong safely”?.   Since, I was not allowed to pass to him personally I left it with the security officer.  However, I knew that KHJ has received it and ate it.


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