Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong's Fearture on MBC's ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World’

SO love the interview because they showed more of his real side!

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KHJ said it doesn't matter if he's a good player (a burden to the good players) to the Japanese soccer team, but what matters whether the team wins or not. Jokingly that is :P

He's talking about his depression like he couldn't sleep at night, couldn't able to return home on Chuseok, lots of thinking, and that's why he think he got depression.

The CEO commented how HyunJoong was so committed to the album production, giving his ideas that even the team weren't able to provide.

Kim Changrok (the producer for most of KHJ's songs) commented how he put so much hardwork to song recordings, like a robot.

Even Artmatic's choreographer commented how he continue to practice the dance moves


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The previous night, HJ checked the Q-sheets again and again for the next day's concert at Arena Hall. HJ went one step further as a solo artist.

HJ said some of the opponent team are the former Japanese national team, and winning or losing a match was not his concern..

HJ was depressed in JP in 2007, cuz they(SS501) didn't have much activities at that time in JP.

it was ostrich he was mimicked LOL

KE CEO Mr. Yang said KHJ's clever and had ideas for album producing. HJ made great efforts till he would be able to do it.

When HJ had a hard time, JJ left a letter at his bed side and he still keeps the letter

KHJ respects a lot of artists and actors but won't have any role model. HJ thinks he has to be KHJ himself, not someone else.

The director of the drama, Iris, Yang Yoon Ho said, "KHJ will be able to the big star. HJ doesn't let his popularity overwhelm him and will be able to handle it even though he gets more popular than now."

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