Thursday, March 22, 2012

Being Kathy of KATHY's BENCH

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Image credit: MEDIA PHOTO; Edited by: KATHY :)

When Peter Parker's (aka Spiderman) grandpa told him that WITH EVERY GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, he meant it really well, because, indeed, it is true. 

Before I started blogging, I use to be envious of people who know much of SS501, or more so of Kim Hyun Joong. And now, I am just amazed at how tables are easily turned, as I was expected of the same thing I was envious before.

This thought came into my mind since I was invited by Face Shop Philippines to their blogger event. As soon as I entered, everyone just kept on asking me where KHJ is(as they refer Hyun Joong of course) like I am his girlfriend or manager at that. Well, it would be less of a burden, and amazingly better if I was his girlfriend of course, LOL. But kidding aside, after being Kathy of KATHY's BENCH, I suddenly realized, after that day, that much was expected of me to know about Kim Hyun Joong.

Its not that I have never been asked the same question before the bloggers event. In fact, I was asked by many Kim Hyun Joong fans a lot of times already in my email or in my facebook a lot of times already. But I dont feel the big responsibility, since I enjoy reading some inspiring stories from you, my blog readers.

However, I also realized, that as a blogger of Kim Hyun Joong, much is expected of me, just as what was expected of Spiderman. So this is where the responsibility comes along.

As a blogger, some fans expect that I know much, to which, I have to humbly say, NO. Yes, I do blog about him, I may know a lot, but there still certain things I may still never know, especially his private life, to which, I am always sensitive about.

I wont brag about being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong since he started because I was not. I was not there ever since he started, but I believe I WAS THERE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. And because of that same reason, I felt like I was there since forever.

I feel humbled whenever some fans ask me about some things about Kim Hyun Joong because people trust me. But when it comes to his personal life, I can only know too much. At the end of the day, I am still fan.

Maybe I may know little, I may know much, but Im still his loyal fan, and unless he never talks about it, Id like to keep it within my zone. Just as what they say, LESS TALK LESS MISTAKES.

But what makes me happy more is when you, my blog readers, especially the new Kim Hyun Joong fans, share your passion for Kim Hyun joong and attribute my blog for that. Seriously it just inspires me a lot because I know what I am doing so far is right.

I use to ask or even doubt myself if until when I should blog about Kim Hyun Joong. But after all the great stories, people and events that happened in my life since then, I think Ill stay until Kim Hyun Joong chooses to stay. With all the plans he said, and being the hardworking man that he is, I guess that meant, FOREVER.


  1. I'm almost moved into tears..
    you really did great kathy..I'm so glad I found you and your blog..I love KHJ.. forever...

    1. I am thankful you loved it dear! And yes, we should all love KHJ forever! :)

  2. You have INDEED COME A LONG WAY, Kat!! As a self-professed #1 FAN of yours (& a friend,as well)~~I can only say that I'm as much PROUD of you, as I am of my baby KHJ's achievements!!
    You have proven time & again, your dedication & love for KHJ...there can never be any doubt about THAT!!!
    From the petite, naive "baby gel" that we the angels have come to love...you have emerged to be a mature, steady & resolute lady~~that you are today!!!
    Stay focused & always retain that enthusiasm..for more & bigger things are still in store for you!!
    Love you,dear "baby gel!!!


    1. Ms D,

      MS D, You know how I love you and the rest of the angels, and yes, thank you so much for everything. You have literally seen me grow with the blog. Hopefully, in the many years to come, we'll still be together with KHJ!

  3. hi kat kat! whatever our reasons are for joining you in this blog, one thing im so thankful about is the friendship we have found because of you... looking and talking to you now, im so proud of what you have become...
    you have come a very long way... :)
    of course, you will always be our "KHJ guru" (as what msD likes to call you..hehe)
    stay happy...smile always..

    1. Doc Vinnie,

      Just like what I told you last time, and what I told Ms D, I owe too much from you... You know what I mean right Doc? But more than that, I think the best thing you ever gave me was helping me become the person I am right now, I will always be thankful of you doc...

      Love love love! :) Thnks doc!

  4. I'd just like to say:


    You work so hard to keep this blog up and going, your dedication is truly admirable. Not to mention that this is a lovely place. I live thousands of miles away, but whenever I come here, I feel like I'm somewhat closer. You brought me out of "lurk mode" and thus far it has been a really fun ride.

    Thank you for being the lovely girl you are, and always keep smiling :)

    Lots of hugs,


    1. Hello Milo!

      Thanks dear! Even though we just talk online, I feel like we have been friends for a long time now:)

      Thanks for the friendship!


  5. thanks for the fast & fully updated of leader's news. thank you :)

  6. beautifully written dear..just beautiful..syalan na talaga ang beauty mo, invited na sa bloggers events, na feature pa sa GMA, oh ha!..hehehehe..keep it up dear..and as what i told you before, sana one day KHJ will really get to see and read your blog and see how much you've given for him. it's because of people like you, that his name became known all over the world..just their/his company's mere promotions and marketing techniques can only go so far...but it's people like you, who devote their time,effort, money and sleepless nights, that enables these artists get to enter our homes and hearts, thru blogs, like yours. yes you are doing just right,and continue to do so and in time you will reap such great harvest and reward. i really admire your passion and dedication.and KHJ is just so blessed to have someone like you as his fan! more power then to you and your blog! ^_^


    1. Unnie Rax,

      Thanks for that great message! Im touched. But as I always say, I love the compliments and the recognition I get. But the best recognition I would probably get would be from Hyun Joong himself right? Pray for me! :)


  7. Hey girl, this is ET Admin from 4DLeader4Ever.

    Well, I am glad you're still hanging in there, I enjoy reading from your blog/facebook/twitter about Kim Hyun Joong. I am so glad at the end of a long working day and I reached home, I still know I have a source for me to follow him around the world.

    Thanks darling, for everything you ever did.


    1. my Kathy Dear, don't want to cry but really can't help it with your messages for us KIM HYUN JOONG fanatics & followers as well. you know Kathy, i'm grateful since i met you coz i'm always updated about KHJ news, music videos, photos etc.also, thankful i've met some of Kathy's Angels & all members of Henecians Philippines too. i realized that being a fan of KHJ is not really a wasting time & money(as what others, my critics says.& i don't care)and i would like to thank you for being so nice & patient as always... saranghaeyo...

    2. Paige,

      Dear! you know I always will remember you. You were the first one I talked to in online world as a blogger because of READY ACTION remember? hehe!

      Thanks dearest too for trusting me as always!!! Love love love!

      To unnie Viola,

      Thanks for the great love unnie!!! Hopefully, I am giving you the best friendship:)

  8. My Dear Sis Kathy,

    So sorry that I'm very late giving my comment to your article....."It's better late than never"....hehehe....you know that i always awaits for your new article....I'm always excited for your new post coz i know that it always come from the bottom of your heart....and I'm happy that you share to us what your heart says....as what I'm always saying, just continue on the things that makes you happy coz we are here to support and give our love to you....and to KHJ as well....kath your fight is our fight also...we are here because of one intention....TO LOVE KHJ FOREVER!!!!!!!Be strong always Kath!!!Love you....

  9. Dear Kathy,

    I am so glad I found your blog of which I have been an avid follower for a very long time. You are doing such good work which is so commendable.You are so generous to share HJ with us. I am sure HJ himself will be aware of your incredible support.

    Just want to add here a big Thank-You.