Saturday, February 25, 2012


As I said on my last post/article, I will write many articles as long as I can since Im quite bored lately, so here is my second post! ^^ 

Thank you so much everyone for loving the last post I did... ^^ Love lots! 


The very first Kim Hyun Joong photo I posted on this blog as Kathy's Bench. And its still my fave! 

Before you start to become very expectant of the answer to the title, let me warn you... You may be disappointed with the answer. LOL.

When I think about it, I cant believe its been almost two years since I started Kathy's Bench. As I always say, time really flies when you are having fun.

But reaching 3 million views after all this time was an even greater milestone for me so thank you so much Kbenchers for trusting me so much in feeding your Kim Hyun Joong cravings everyday.

As I always say on my previous posts(or even at daily posts where I just become emo,LOL), the blog really changed my life. I remember, when blogging started to become popular, I see stories on how blogging changed some bloggers life. I use to cringe, as I started doing MYSPACE before, but it never really changed anything.

But, I dont know if its pure curiosity or just plain "going with the flow" thing, I just started opening a blogger account, just because I had a GMAIL account. LOL.

When I started signing up for blogger, I really didnt know how what to write or what to post. The mere idea of sharing my thoughts on the blog was just not me, so there was a time I regretted opening one. First, I thought, what's the reason? Im a nobody anyways. Who would want to read my thoughts? And second, Im still a nursing student then, so I really didnt have any time. Nevertheless, I still posted from time to time, just for practice. And I remember posting only SS501 photos that I love. And that's it.

However, after studying and waiting for my board exam results(which took two months of waiting by the way), I got bored just by reading stuff online. And I even got super bored that time because there weren't really that much news of SS501, or more so, of Kim Hyun Joong at those times, since well,as we all know, after Hyun Joong left DSP at that time.

Then Kim Hyun Joong appeared suddenly on DATV via JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Then suddenly, his curly KEYEAST photo came out, and I got overly excited. I just cant remember what got into me. But I just remembered having a blogger account, so I decided to make use of it, somehow. And presto. I started posting Kim Hyun Joong photos and articles one by one. Before I knew it, I was posting articles every day!

So how did KATHY's BENCH, the name, came about?

I use to get this question a lot of times before, and yes, until now, from the people who meet me. Honestly, when I answer them, I get disappointed. The reason for the name is really pretty lame, because Im also lame as I may say. LOL.

Seriously... I decided to put KATHY, my name, on the title, because I wanted it to be personal, or should I say I was really frustrated to use KATHY as my nickname since no one really called me that, until now? LOL.  But KATHY's BENCH wasnt really the first name of this blog. It was KATHY's HAVEN. But, as time went by, I felt like it was too mushy.Just like a light, it came into me that I should change it to BENCH,for a very simple reason; because people come together and sit on BENCHES to talk.

I warned you. It was lame right? LOL. Are you disappointed? Sadly, its the reason.

But who would have thought that the BENCH would take me this far? Well, I tell this to my friends, but I owe this success to PLAYFUL KISS. My blog just came in the right time when PK started airing. That's what makes me love PLAYFUL KISS more than any KHJ blogger you'll know. Its because I believe I owe my success to the show so much.

I Playful kiss my first ever FITTING banner the blog's name, Kathy's Bench, which, earned me a lot of good words on how my banner was perfectly fitted on my blog's name, and I didnt even have to photo shop it!

This is exactly the very first Kathy's bench I used. I didnt even dare remove the  watermark and the people behind.  It took even one of my kbencher friends to edit it for me! ^^ 

Oh! How I remember being all giddy when I read the first comments on my posts and on the chatbox. That meant a lot to me, since that time, I felt, for the first time, there are really people who cared about what I say.

When I first started posting, I never really thought Id do it for the long run. But then, when I got so much love and recognition as time passed by, I knew I was in it, until I can.

Now, what makes KATHY's BENCH, KATHY's BENCH stay is not merely by its name anymore but more so, because of Kim Hyun Joong. After all, its tagline, is "ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, ABOUT SS501'S MAGNETIC LEADER, KIM HYUN JOONG.


  1. Dear Kathy:

    Thank you very much...

    Love your blog so much...

    Best wishes to you and Hyun Joong...


  3. Kathy...another masterpiece!!!!!hehehe....now the question of 3million viewers of your blog has answered why it's kathy's bench?from the blogger herself...hehehe....

    The very first thing in my mind about your title before is that you're addicted to PK.....as there's always a bench in the scene....

    So it' 's all started in boredom.....if you're bored many ideas comes out in our mind....and. this blog kath is a product of your love of KHJ....many thanks to you for bringing HJ in our hearts....please continue for being this way kath.....we are here to support you.....again thank you!!!!!

  4. Kat,
    Dearest baby gel~~Kathy's Bench has changed many of our lives so much in just less than 2 years..I can't imagine being a KHJ fan without you & your blog!!

    But most of all, Kathy's Bench gave us our 2nd family...our KBench angels & eventually..our bigger family...Henecians Philippines!!!

    Looking back at those early days of KB makes me reminisce & miss our daily chats w/ the angels~~but at the same time makes me PROUD as to how ALL of us have managed to combine fangirl-ing & our families, careers & friendships along the way!!

    More power to you darling baby gel~~you truly deserve to be called "IDOL KAT"!!!

    Ms. D


  6. I thought the name came from "kathy's tambayan".. And you just translated it in english.. Hehe.. "for guests: tambayan is a Filipino word which means a place where people hangout.. Since having a blog (not just an ordinary blog, mind you, but an awesome one at that :) that has to be updated every single day) can really take ALOT of your time, I thought it would be fitting.:) and yeah like what Patricia said, the name of your blog is unique.. I super agree.:)

    For me, having a blog is surely a fun thing but it is as well tiring.. So I really appreciate your effort for giving us updates about our dear hyun joong everyday.. Thank you so very much for sharing your time and love to fellow fans of leader (especially the international ones) by sharing him with us through your blog. Hyun joong is really blessed to have a fan like you! More power to you and to kathy's bench. :D

    And to the first commenter, best wishes to Kathy and hyun joong? Its as if they're married. Haha. Cute. Although that would be nice for kathy^^, I still think that our princess so min suits him best. Haha. Sorry Kathy! :D

  7. And yeah, after reading again the reason behind the name of the blog, it sounds more like of a tambayan. Benches where people came to talk / hangout (at the chatango, haha. Where k-benchers were formed^^) so I was right. Hehe.:)

    Sorry for the double post. Good mornight!

  8. Dear Kathy,

    Your reason for naming this "Kathy's Bench" is anything but lame. It is actually quite reasonable and cute. I always thought the name was so befitting for this blog, I applaud you for coming up with it so easily, haha.
    This is quite the place isn't it? I've met so many wonderful people because of this blog, and even though we are thousands of miles apart, I always feel like I can somehow relate. It's really quite lovely. Truly a place to just come and enjoy, let the worries of everyday life fade a little away. And to think about all the good deeds you guys do, all in love for a common interesting. I know I've been abusing the word lovely, but it truly is! Haha.
    Thank you for starting this wonderful place. And always remain the amazing person you are^^

    Lots of love,


  9. Hi Kathy.. I think your name is so catchy and knowing the reason behind it makes it even more special.. It truely is a place where we can share our joys, downs and laughter all coz of our uzoosin.. I never thought loving a guy can bring so many people together.. Thanks for all the news.. Its my morning eye opener.. XD

    Love u and all the Henecians/TS for their love and support for our beautifu, sweet, 4D guy..

  10. Hello everyone,

    As much as Id like to reply your comments I cant.. Because Im just overwhelmed with the great words you all said... Love you all! ^^

    This blog just really changed my life, literally and figuratively!

    To unnie savvy renny, hahaha! Dont worry, I admit defeat... KHJ is just my brother. LOL!

    Love you all everyone!


  11. thank you thank you thank you!!! love love love your site, i do go on everyday day! totally recognize your work and love for khj - ours also ;)