Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's 17th message on KOB: Kim Hyun Joong Is A GERM!

Oh my!!!!

I laughed so hard with this message of his!

I am so sorry I was late today... I was out today that is why!

But I am so happy!!!

SOURCE: Hyun-Joong.com
Translation: Wonderrrgirl / http://wonderrrland.wordpress.com

Hee…. How have you all been? I’m in Japan now. hehehe.
Even though you already know this from the news articles, broadcasts and the internet, I’m living very well… hehe
The day before, the executive director bought me a germ-killing air freshener, and place it on my bedside. ^^
Thank you

However, from yesterday until now, my headache has been more severe….
Therefore, don’t tell me that it’s because of that (air freshener).
I removed it and ….oh my god…… my headache disappeared…….;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
So I am the germs…… omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all are now liking germs keke
Be careful….. I am a bad germ…. puahahahaha
Food is here, I have to eat it, right…
Goodbye ^^ Thank you Henecia & Triple.

Because of all of you, I’m running from 2012 onwards,
I’ll show you all what I’m running for this year too.
You’ll stop being a fan because of being worn out by me kekekeke

Shall we run for 3 and a half years, and go into extinction? ke
I’m going to eat now!!!
Bye people…… ㅜㅜ I am a germ


Here is original message in Hangul..

01-29 (일), PM 3:11

ㅎㅇ잘지냈어? 난 지금일본이야 ㅎㅎㅎ 기사나 방송이나 인터넷을통해알았겠지만

나는 잘살구있어 ..ㅎㅎ 그젠가 일본 전무님이 세균죽이는 방향제를 사다주셔서

침대옆에다가 놔주셨어 ^^감사하게두

근데 어제부터지금까지 계속두통이 심한거야...그래서 설마설마 이것댐문인가해서

치웠는데 ...세상에.........두통사라지더라고 ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;;;;

난세균이였어 ㅡㅡomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

너는지금 세균을 좋아하고있어 ㅋㅋ

조심해 ........난 나쁜세균이니까 ..푸하하하하하하

밥왔다 밥먹어야지 ..

안녕^^ 고마워 헤네치아&트리플

덕분에 나 2012년부터 달리고있어 이번년도 달린다는것이 뭔지보여줄께

지쳐서 팬질그만두게될꺼야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ우리딱3년반만 달리고 소멸할까?ㅋ

밥식겠다 갈꺼야 !!!

안녕 사람들.................ㅜㅜ 난세균이였어


  1. awww... touched by him mentioning TRIPLE...even there's no 'S'...still...^^

  2. He is just soooo funny. His sense of humor is just too much. LOL!

    If the name of the germ/ bacteria is KHJ - no problem at all ... I would have him anytime .. He's always welcome . Ha ha ha.....

  3. mwahahaha...really funny...3.5 years is just a short time..why not make it a lifetime..lol^^

  4. KHJ...This germ is so cute & handsome, everyone want to nearby..bateria or virus, not at all, I love this germ so much! Hahahahaha!!!!