Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's MARRY ME MARRY YOU Digital Single/ MV Now OUT!

Aigoooooooooooooo!!!! What a great voice my dear Hyun Joong ah!!! Love you more!!!




  1. Why is everyone saying Kathy is defeated? What's going on? Dear Lordy, Kathy hasn't been defeated because she is HAPPY Hyun Joong just released this lovely song for all of his fans to hear. She has no reason to feel anything BUT happiness for this MV, so the comments here seem a little....out of place?

    And I'm certainly not blind, and yes, I did feel the love, but I saw a face while listening to the song. I saw the face of my husband, because he is the one I cherish the most. Only HyunJoong can know what he saw, only him, because we DO NOT know his heart, we are merely fans.

    Thank you, HyunJoong, this is a lovely Christmas gift and I hope you only happiness. Have a happy holiday with your loved ones :)

  2. What's up with the first 3 comments? I find them rather rude towards Kathy. She can ship HJ with anyone she wants to (that's what fans do) until HJ himself announces that he's off the market. HJ says that the song and videos are for his fans so just leave that as just that. That's all we can say about it. We're not in HJ's head to know what he's thinking. If you feel that strongly that he's with Hwangbo, then stick to your own playground. There's no need to attack Kathy at her own blog.

  3. hwang bo does not have long hair, this song is for his noona lee hyrio

  4. that why i hate joongbo fans and hwang bo does not have long hair and khj always said that he like girls with long hair so maybe the song for his real GF
    so happy im getting married next month so i really can relate to the song
    love you khj

  5. This is a peaceful blog, we like supporting HJ in peace. We have our own views, so please respect them. We don't go barging into your home and being rude towards you. Please don't do so here.
    I think he probably dedicated this to his real girlfriend. Whoever she is, I'm happy for him.
    This song is beautiful. Love it. Kim HyunJoong, good job.

  6. Ohh he is so in love. I am so happy for him.

    With whom, we do not know since he has not said who and until then we can assume what we want to, whatever makes us happy. But we have to respect what each ship feels and thinks. Make your comments in your own space.

    BTW, wonderful song. Congratulations and Thank You Kim Hyun Joong!

  7. This song is beautiful and I hope he dedicated this to JSM. I'm happy for them.

  8. The lyrics is just like the 1st webisode of ytkiss. Haha! HJ are you singing this for MinMin?

  9. i really dont know who khj deciated to. He's very smart, he wont show us who is his real gf....for those who are khj and hwang bo shipper, please stop it since she is too old for him. she can be his sister because she's about 6 or 7 years older than him if im not mistaking

  10. @5:48 AM

    Congrats on your up coming wedding. Wish you nothing but happiness!!!!!!

    Don't forget about HJ after you're married. :p

  11. you dont have to believe what i say now, but khj will introduce minmin as his gf in the next couple month or years because she is waitng for love{khj} on her cyworld background

  12. Dear Everyone,

    Thanks for defending me here. I LOVE YOU ALL. That's all I will say...


  13. @5:48
    Congratulations on your wedding! And I really cracked up at what the person at 11:43 wrote, "don't forget HJ after you get married". Hahaha.
    I think HJ will be happy to hear about your marriage too, that's his goal, to get most of us married so he can reveal his girlfriend. Good plan, good plan.

  14. your friendly neighborhoodDecember 15, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    seriously shippers to each his own coming here just to say things like that is plain rude and disrespectful. if you want to ship a couple and proclaim your love for that couple build your own blog. this is KATHY'S Blog she can blog whatever she wants but still keeping it a peaceful place. the way some people are acting is plain STUPID and CHILDISH.

  15. it is a great gift form hkj Leader to all his fans. including you, me, many many, all the fans who love him ......
    it is a song for everyone, simple it's that, why make it so complicate?
    love him and support him in the best way you can.
    you can !!

  16. I love you kathy..
    Just dont Mind those peeps.. =)

    To those peeps who said.. that rude and unappropriate comments.. why not go to your home and post there .. NOT HERE!! HAHA!

    Hyunjoong~ Congrats.. really love the song..
    Enjoy watching it everyone ..

  17. I really believe he wrote the song for his fans, not necessarily indicate that he is in love right now, he is expressing a beautiful feeling and may have inspired with a movie or something only him knows

    And you are right we have to respect the owner of this blog, she has the right in blog whatever she wants

  18. Congrats KHJ, hope you made more beautiful songs like this. Anyway, I read that Dec 14 is Happy Hug Day in Korea! HyunJoong, is that one reason why you came home on the 14th besides the release of single? Well, I hope you got to you hug your special one (cough-hoping it's MinMin-cough). ;)

  19. a beautiful song
    an amazing MV
    good job HJ
    is he in love or dedicated the song for someone special, we do not know until he announces it.. right.
    so enjoy the song and dedicated this song to your love one.

  20. leader, love you !!
    thanks for the great gift, love it so much :)

  21. kathy i love you ... i think you did a great job, dont listen to them, they just plain jealous.
    and i thank you for all the update in this blog.
    as for me, i just happy that leader is happy, no matter who he is with im just gonna be happy for them.
    and i love jsm so much that i wish i have a sister like her :D. if she end up with him , than my wish come true, if not, as long as they still friend, than i am more than happy

  22. it does not matter who she is as long as he is in love with her, but this she exist now ?!

  23. love all of you :)