Thursday, November 10, 2011

Briefly on Hyun Joong’s talk time in Osaka’s concert

Credit: Ahlia0606
Translator (from her verbal account): wonderrrgirl
*please repost with full credits*

MC: Hyun Joong-ssi, do you like to drink alcohol?

KHJ: No…

(Fans from audience: ayyeeeee~~~~!!)

KHJ: *smiles* I mean, I don’t like to drink alone, but I enjoy drinking with my friends. So, I often meet up with my friends (from Jaksal) for a drink or a meal.

KHJ: Also, there were occasions when I drank together with my fans as well.

KHJ: At this moment, there is even a fan here among the audience whom I have drank together with.

KHJ: Other than drinking with myself, I will only drink with people whom I can trust.





That’s all! ^^

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