Saturday, April 26, 2014

(Video) Bae Yong Joon Talks About Kim Hyun Joong at Jiangsu TV Interview

Video: littlebean
Translation credit: kelemama

BYJ was asked how was the first meeting with Hyun Joong and he said Hyun Joong asked him a very strange question. HJ asked him "are you happy?" The question caught him by surprise and he wasn't able to give HJ a proper reply. He said it was a question of great depth (profound). And I felt he looked a little depressed, but I see his passion thus wished both of us to become happy together, so we started working together.


  1. Miss two of them...kim hyun joong n bae yong joon♥

  2. hi there ms.kathy..wer can i send u pm nid to ask something :)

  3. KHJ's new album will be published this June, exciting! Oppa, have you heard about the song SHE from the movie Notting Hill? I think your voice is good for that song too :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgwPPdMu3uA