Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong reveals he dated in secret a year ago + remains firm on his stance that he will never go public with a relationship

Source: http://www.allkpop.com

Kim Hyun Joong remained firm on his decision that he will never go public with a relationship.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Kim Hyun Joong was asked about marriage given that he is in his late twenties. He shared that marriage might not be in the cards for him, "I don't think I will be able to... I have to go to the military and if I do other things, I will be over 35 years old... In the past, I thought that I really have to [get married someday] but now I don't have confidence. I love work so much so I don't think I will be able to be faithful to my family. If a dilemma suddenly comes about in my drama, singing, and concerts one day, then I think I will do it."

He was also asked about his love life to which he honesty remarked, "If I say I don't date, that would be a lie... I dated in secret about a year ago, but I am not dating currently."

He also added, "I want to date a bit more comfortably now. I think a relationship based on impulsive passion and clinging on are not that great... A normal dating relationship is the best. Rather than buying flowers and doing surprise events, eating and holding hands while walking is better. I didn't realize that sometimes normal and ordinary things are the best when I was younger, but I am feeling it now."

"I will never go public with a relationship. I noticed that when people date publicly and breakup it's the woman that has to suffer for it. I don't think there is any need for a woman, who may be later married, to have the title of being 'someone's woman' following them... If I'm not going to marry that person, I will never go public with a relationship out of respect for that person's life."

Kim Hyun Joong previously denied dating rumors with After School's UEE and after reading his stance on never going public with a relationship, shippers are left wondering if this could mean that there was some truth to the rumors. However, it seems we will never know as Kim Hyun Joong seems like a man who will fight to protect those close to him and kudos to him for that!


  1. Hey Leader,

    I feel bored everytime when media tries to ask your personal love story. They want to dig out your current and past to see if you come out consistent or new answers. To be honest, whether you reveal your love story or not, it does not affect my life and sun still rises up tomorrow morning. You do NOT need to reveal whom you love to the public because she does not need to be evaluated by media or your fans. As long as you are happy and healthy with this person and she supports your career, we are happy too.

    You said you do not want to reveal your love story to the public in case she carries your ex-girlfriend title and does not marry you afterwards. Do you know a Hong Kong star Andy Lau who is also a singer and actor like you? His wife never cares if she has the title in front of the media or fans; instead, she is his quiet strength and support behind his back. I think your future wife will be happy as long as she has your presence and love; having the title as KHJ's wife is far less important.

    You went through a lot of weight training to create the image for your new drama "inspirational generation". Have you heard about building the "Emotional muscle"?! which means to increase your capacity to embrace uncertainty and hardship besides the happy moments. You are a giver, just like the role BSJ in PK, do you think you will stop making concerts or dramas someday? no, you won't , because they are something that you love and enjoy. So do not say you will not be faithfully enough to devote yourself to your family. I think you should find a lady who could understand your career and support your dream and you two can grow together. I have a neighbor whose husband is a pilot and he needs to fly to different cities weekly for his job. They have two children together. His wife supports his dream to be a pilot and takes care of family responsibilities when he is not around. challenging but sweet relationship!

    Have you noticed that your style of acting or the skills of singing have been different compared to past? for example, I really like the way you sing the song "Love". People said you sing it well because its melody and lyrics are beautiful. That's true, however, I feel it is because you relate yourself to that song deeply so the way you sing touches people a lot. Therefore, if you have such a precious person in your life, no matter what, please do not let go her hands because her dear presence has become the blessing for your life and career.

    Bible says that there is no fear in love. We can do everything in Him who empowers us. May God be your grace and bountiful supply. Military service runs fast before you can imagine it. It is also a good time for you to have a break from your busy life, and perhaps a good time for you to write more good songs or tell us the fun stories about the Uzoosin in army, or more time for ring designs...always think positive.

  2. Nice guy!! Surely he will be a protective bf and hubby ;) lucky will be that girl who will receive his love as a wife and as a gf :)