Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Article: Kim Hyun Joong gave his support on Kim Jae Wook's departure from Inspiring Generation & Jin Se Yeon's controversy

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credit photo: MEDIA

"I want to give my support to Kim Jae Wook-ssi. Kim Jae Wook's character 'Kim Soo Ok' was set-up to be an independence fighter, but due to the issue with the drama's export to Japan, they had to remove the sensitive parts so he had to get off unexpectedly.
As an actor who acted together with him, I felt really sad and regretful that a person who came to work hard had to lost his role."

"I also felt really bad for Se Yeon. After the (shooting overlap) controversy, she seemed really self-conscious / insecure on the shooting set. She also couldn't talk well.
I told her, 'No. You're only 22 years old, now is the time to do more. Don't be too concerned and you just need to act your role.'
Her drama appearances don't overlap and I don't think it was a big problem. Also, Se Yeon was committed to her role in the drama but seems like there are many misunderstandings from people."

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