Thursday, March 27, 2014

(Spoiler) Jung Tae and Gaya's Bitter Sweet Kiss- Plus Finally and OST Sung by Kim Hyun Joong!

Finally, an OST sung by Hyun Joong for the drama...

And finally, Gaya and Jung Tae kiss, only its a goodbye kiss... Sad... 

Rough trans by: @TheAlienPrinceKHJ

Rough trans: Jung Tae & Gaya's lines during the goodbye kiss scene]

*Jung Tae refuses Gaya's offer to join hands with Il Gook Hwi.

Gaya: "Then we have no choice but to be enemies?"

Jung Tae: "Maybe.. that is our fate. But I only wish it wasn't that way."

Gaya: "Shin Jung Tae.. Let us not be born this way in the next world. 
Let's born as people from the same country, or as strangers to each other forever. Let us be born that way."

*Gaya walks away to leave, Jung Tae grabs her arm.

Jung Tae: "Sorry, Gaya. I'm sorry for everything."

*Gaya kisses Jung Tae.

Gaya: "Now with this, all of my relationship with you has ended. 
Thank you Shin Jung Tae. I think I will be able to aim my knife at you now."

Jung Tae: "Gaya. Good-bye."


  1. Kathy... is the OST is a new song? what is the title?

  2. I just get the info... the title of the song is AFTER TODAY... it is said that it will be officially released on April 2nd... Anticipate, please! more bitter sweet song by KHJ

  3. thanks Kathy.. i love the song and KHJ's soothing voice..

  4. @kathy - i love your page.. hope you will continue to posts KHJ updates.. you are a talented writer.. i can tell.. wish you success always..