Thursday, January 9, 2014

(Video) Inspiring Generation's 감격시대 director Kim Jeong Kyu, "Kim Hyun Joong is perfect for this role!"

Brief Translation: @5StarsAs1
Video: Sportseoultv

When asked whether is there any similarity in characters between real life and in IG, KHJ said that fights occasionally (or must have been) happened in high school before. But when fights really do happen, he was only a onlooker! LOLOL!!! 
 PD said he started noticing KHJ since SS501 days because he looked handsome and decent features. But he said that KHJ suits the character as Shin Jung Tae and joked that he was a little stiff(?) in previous characters. PD was afraid in the beginning but KHJ had opened up his acting passion so it turned out pretty well.

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