Sunday, September 15, 2013

Message from Hyun Joong: Cancellation of 'FIREWORKS IN AKARENGA' in Japan

Source: http://www.universal-music.co.jp
Screencap by: ss501ode.blogspot.com
Translation: _tomato99 on twitter

first of all, I would Like to say to everyone, I am so sorry . We had to Cancel Our performance Due to typhoon for the sake of safety of my Fans I had prepared for whole year this event and feel frustrated, but I understand Fans would be much Regretful for, I can not Find any Words to say to my Fans. there is a saying, “after a Storm comes a Calm.” I am sure We Could Become more strong after this experience. Before I End, I would Like to say Thank you and leave Encouraging Words to all the staff who Worked hard for this event. I would Like to Come back again with a Fabulous Stage. and I Promise you fireworks someday. everyone, Please stay happy. and do be careful of typhoon and Cold.Sincerely Kim Hyun Joong 2013.09.15 messages I have received to everyone from fans of Kim Hyun Joong.+ + + first, to the fans, I want to tell the word sorry, and sorry. A sudden typhoon can not even expected, safety of the people of the fan, it was not forced to interrupt the performance tentatively. There unfortunately are ready period of one year, I still is frustrating, but I think the fans and Irassharu regret more, I do not know we should tell any words. There is a saying that the “firm ground raining”. It is hoped that would be a chance to get used to even more vigorously than to build on this experience. I think because of the performance, even people of all staff who have shed sweat, you can send a word of encouragement and benefits, and want to put the brush here once. We would like to come again, to prepare a great stage further. And I promise fireworks when one day also. Please spend to get everyone happy fan. And please be careful not to catch a cold and typhoon.

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