Saturday, July 27, 2013

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at KBS GUERILLA DATE {July 27,2013]

HD Version now updated!^^

Credit: cozy jj

Brief translation of KHJ's interview:

Credit: ‏@wangziqi

MC : how do u meet up with girl groups? KHJ : I meet them via youtube (by watching their vids)

MC : where is art & matic now? KHJ : they are now in a big house with a huge garden in jeju island

MC : recently, which girl group caught ur attention? KHJ : crayon pop. MC : why? KHJ : their choreo is the same as 'high high' part of LG

KHJ also demonstrated while sitting down. And remarked "the choreo is really the same!"


I feel at ease during my activities in overseas because of the hotel. I can feel that particular country's culture through cuisines prepared in the hotel

I believe this part is not included in Guerilla Date today. During the interview, KHJ talked about Art &Matic. They are now being raised in a house with a big garden in Jeju-do. Not long ago before his comeback, he paid Art & Matic a visit in Jeju-do.

[parts omitted from Guerilla Date] KHJ mentioned that Your Story MV had been edited a lot of times as it cannot passed the MV rating evaluation, not because it contains any 'excessive skin exposure' contents, instead it contain kiss scenes. However, it was announced that Your Story MV passed the evaluation is suitable for all ages viewing in KBS ^^

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