Friday, July 19, 2013

(English Translation) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중, "Rumors? I don't care much about"

English translation: @howlovelylala at twittter
source : interview with @star1 magazine http://atstar1.com/

Kim Hyun Joong showed strong belief in his fans, "Rumors? I don't care much about. I try to think it doesn't matter as long as I am aboveboard myself and my fans trust me."

At the same time, he said, "I am also thinking I should act responsibly since I have a job which usualy receives many people's attention."

Recently Kim Hyun Joong came back to the music scene bringing his new single. While filming fashion pictorial with @star 1, Kim Hyun Joong got high praise from the staff, because he worked hard with a professional attitude.


  1. That's KHJ we all know and love and respect him for what he is! way to go HJ!! :)


  3. I cant wait to read the translation of his interview, I wonder if they are going to ask questions regarding the concept of his album and the symbolism seen in his Unbreakable mv.

    I noticed that with this mv the space used in unbreakable mv is very open giving the feel that the performers and audience can breath together and a sense of merging is taking place.....One of the dance moves has a performer moving on the ground in a circular motion symbolizing one, all, harmony...I also see that the circular motion exposes the entertainer to every audience...and that it holds the viewpoint of a reality of the individual.....the lyrics express that, hyun joong saying its his turn.....I also find it amazing, that another aspect is that the audience actively participates in the mask dance....which we have been doing with our encouraging words towards his new mv and upcoming album....We all like hyun joong and his music, dance and we show a affinity towards him...once again uniting us all, even though we come from different places, experience different trials, hardships, and joys. Also when he gives a concert he talks with his audience and every once in a while someone will wittingly respond to something he says....so I link his mv as well to the picture of the entertainment world and as a performer....There is so much more this is just 1/16th of the things that caught the attention, of course it is completely conjecture on my part, that's why I cant wait to here from hyun joong and his viewpoint on album and unbreakable mv. Last, the mask dance is to put divinity on to stage, songs, dance, and the elements used within the drama...It is to encourage the audience enjoying the performance to have fun and reject any dramatic imaginations....Both performer and audience are giving encouragement to each other....When people dance to hyun joong and jay park song in unbreakable...we are encouraging them in their performance, and vice verse....the performers are encouraging the viewers to have fun....The layers seen in hyun joong mv is amazing.....whether he intentionally did it this way on purpose or because he is a natural entertainer, we may never know....but one message I got from hyun joong mv was to have fun....