Wednesday, May 1, 2013

(Article) Kim Hyun Joong More Grateful after visit Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Source: http://showbiz.liputan6.com/read/574051/kim-hyun-joong-lebih-bersyukur-setelah-berkunjung-ke-yogyakarta
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Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he become more grateful after visiting Indonesia and feeling the life in Yogyakarta. After experienced live feel and live like the locals, Kim Hyun Joong felt more grateful for what he has so far.Kim Hyun Joong realized that many people who are far less fortunate than himself.

However, he did not deny if he was quite overwhelmed when played the role of ordinary citizens, not celebrities. If he usually lives with ease, in Barefoot Friends, HJ had to try out a job as a washerman in the motorcycle wash. Kim Hyun Joong also had time to enjoy street food, instead of the restaurant that he usually go. He tried to eat at the famous meatballs. Even he had come crowding while shopping at Malioboro.

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