Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's DAY 4 Shooting for BAREFOOT FRIENDS

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[Update] Barefoot Friends – All the staffs, managers & security guards came back to the fliming set and they’re starting filming inside now~
[Update] Barefoots Friends – Managers and Idols are eating “Bún Bò” inside the house while all the staffs are heading to the next location ~
[Update] Barefoot Friends – All the idols are on their way to the next location~
[Update] Barefoot Friends – All the staffs, managers & security guards has reached the filming location ~
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“Barefoot Friends” will back to Korea tonight Flight: VN408 HCM 23:45PM to ICN 6:50am Cr:DongHaeSmile
RT @PumpuiJoong: @19FLopez Yes, Fans Eyuk’s call me KHJ sick
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Rain! Finally its raining!!!
Not so heavy rain but aw my gad finally God of Rain is doing his magic T___T
Today is not sunny, but the heat is still there. Hope this rain could reduce it somehow. #KHJinVienamD4 fighting!
We staff decided not to go to filming place today, for the sake of the crew :) We will be at the airport to send HJ off tonight thouh :)
As you all know the process is going slow because of overcrowded fans everywhere. We only hope HJ can finish his scenes soon and rest :)
So maybe HJ is gonna film at a University tonite… The stage is being prepared there and staff also came to set up…
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from weibo… cr:Merci喵: Kim Hyun Joong Leader is sick. He has a fever but according to the staffs, he is better now. [cr:SS501_VietNam]
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[INfo] as far as I know
HJ will film in one of University in HCMC.
Participants are Student of Korean Language Faculty.
They will have learn how to speak some Vietnamese sentences from Vietnamese- Korean student.
if YES, he wont face with the hot weather like outside mission in the past 3 days.
Just returned from Phan Thiet, Kim Hyun Joong, UEE and crew Barefoot Friends have continued recording in the evening at Binh Quoi (HCM).
After reached HCMC in late evening, Kim Hyun Joong just washed up and rest for a few hours to recover body condition, then the whole crew continued recording at the resort.
Through the picture, we can see that HYunJoong, UEE and EUNHYUK’s conditions are rather good.
Maybe BAREFOOT FRIEND were playing quick ask and answere games ^^
The stars still focused on the games and show their professional not their exhausted side.Love to see HyunJoong casual style like this with tanktop n short. But his face was still tired.
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Day 4 Barefoot Friends Shoot 4-7-2013{1} ~staff said that 16:00 will start to shoot ~ ~ cr Merci喵

After the communication with Students of HCMC Science Society and Humanity, the whole Ekip had a rest at the canteen/cafeteria.
Later, HyunJoong, EunHyuk together with the cast taught the students there how to dance Harlem Shake ( not GangNam style huh?)
After the shooting in this University, they will visit some famous sight-seeing in HCMC before backing to Korea.
cr Truc Mai @irendy_tm


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