Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HENECIA.COM Official Notice: Send Your Self Made Birthday Videos and Postcards for HYUN JOONG

Thanks so much to ode for a detailed translation^^

Translation: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com

Fan Birthday Events to show your love! Applicable for all fans, whether or not attending the fanmeet party.

Please head to henecia.com to see the notice in full.

Rough Outline of the notice:

1. Fanmade Videos to be aired before the fanmeeting party starts 

- send in your short self-made videos/photos
- can be related to H.J's birthday/H.J's works or anything at all. It will be edited to fit into the overall theme/story

◇ Video Size Required : 1920 * 1080 (MOV size), preferably High-Quality

2. Hand Written Letters, Hand Decorated Postcard Event

Postcard's Standard Size: Width (90mm~130mm) x Height (140mm~150mm)

- you may design the postcard in and out freely to your own liking
- all these postcards will be moved laterwards onto a scrapbook and given to H.J
- D.I.Y it all (postcard/letter), as you cannot print it out even if you're not confident in your handwriting/letter contents

- April 17 ~ May 31

◇ TO (address to send to) :
- please head to henecia.com to see the full address

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  1. will defo join in... Thk u kathy for posting n Ode for the trans :D