Tuesday, March 5, 2013

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Arrival at Sapporo New Chitose Airport by MURDERERQ

I know im super late with these photos but errrr.. I cant help but spazz.. I so love the specs on him!

Credit: hi.baidu.com/murdererq
Pls Do not re edit the photos


  1. Love the glasses! Wow! But Im a little concerned. See Im in the US and for one thing it was cool they mentioned Kim Hyun Joong's name on the radio. But in another Im not to happy with the comments they made over the radio. The comment is as followed (that kim hyun joong fellow check out the tight jeans and lipstick he wears oh yeah he's gay) well people are entitle to their opinion. But maybe once again kim hyun joong should speak up and say hey yes I have a girlfriend. But in the end they did mention he's name in the US over the radio at least they are starting to notice him in a US state in which is more country like. Lol! But the radio station was one who plays rock. Lol!

  2. spazzing here...swooning....:) re US radio mention - gay?! well lately he looks more manly than ever! tight jeans and lipgloss is no way a sign of gayness....! Still he doesn need to prove to nobody nothing...:)

    1. I agree he does look more manly! I just thought it was stupid that they said that. But also found it interesting that
      they mention he's name. Right at least. Also agree he doesnt need to prove nothing. Just backing awesome KHJ here.

  3. His 'military' style haircut is sexy... but, I'm beginning to worry. It's not far off! I have been missing him so much. Thank you for your pictures, Kathy!