Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(News) SBS New Show with Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 and Kang Ho Dong Not Yet Confirmed

Hmm.. Though its good to see a new show with Hyun Joong to watch every week, I think I dont like this for HJ though. What will happen to the World tour if this happens though? 

If ever this pushes through, I'd rather he work with Yoo Jae Seuk. But of course, this is just my opinion. 

Source: Daum Search Cluster (김현중), Daum Search Cluster (김현중 강호동)

가수 김현중이 강호동 새 예능 출연을 두고 막바지 조율 중이다.

English: Singer Kim Hyun Joong is currently in the final stage of discussion for appearing in Kang Ho Dong's new variety programme.

19일 김현중 소속사 측은 티브이데일리와의 통화에서 강호동의 SBS 주말 예능 프로그램 출연 확정 보도에 대해 "제안을 받은 것은 맞지만 아직 논의 중일 뿐, 확정된 것은 아니다"라고 전했다.

English: On the 19th, Kim Hyun Joong's agency told TV Daily in a phone call regarding a media article published about his confirmation of appearance on the new SBS weekend variety programme, "It's true that we received the offer, but we're still in midst of discussion only, and it's not confirmed".

19일 오후 김현중이 강호동의 SBS 새 예능프로그램에 출연이 확정됐다는 소식이 전해졌고 이에 대해 김현중의 소속사 키이스트 관계자는 19일 오후 리뷰스타와의 통화에서 "출연 제안을 받고 논의 중에 있다"라고 전했다.

이어 "자세한 사항은 아직 결정된 것 없고 언제쯤 최종 결정이 나는지는 아직 확실히 정해진 것 없다"라고 밝혔다.

English: With regards to a media article published about Kim Hyun Joong's confirmation of appearance on the new SBS weekend variety programme, Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East personnel told Review Star in a phone call on the 19th, "We had received the offer and is in midst of discussion".

He added, "There's no specifics decided as yet, as to when the final decision will be made, we have certainly not decided on anything exact yet".

김현중의 소속사 키이스트 관계자는 19일 오후 마이데일리와의 통화에서 "김현중이 SBS 새 예능프로그램 출연제의를 받았지만 출연이 확정되지 않았다"고 전했다.

이 관계자는 "현재 긍정적으로 검토하고 있으며 논의중인 상황이다"고 덧붙였다.

English: Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East personnel told My Daily in a phone call on the 19th, "Kim Hyun Joong has indeed received the offer to appear in the new SBS variety programme but his appearance hasn't been confirmed yet".

The personnel also added that, "Right now we're reviewing it positively and is in midst of discussion".

키이스트 측은 19일 TV리포트에 "SBS로부터 출연 제안을 받았다. 확정된 것은 아니며 논의중이다"고 밝혔다.

English: Key East personnel told TV Report on the 19th, "We had received the offer from SBS. It's not confirmed yet, and we're still in midst of discussions". 

NEWSEN, 2:50pm: 김현중, 강호동 SBS 새예능 멤버 확정 
English: Kim Hyun Joong - Kang Ho Dong's new SBS variety programme member confirmed
*this is the source of so-called "confirmed to be appearing in the variety"

TV DAILY, 3:20pm: 김현중 측 "강호동 새 예능 출연, 확정 아냐"
English: Kim Hyun Joong's side, "Kang Ho Dong's new variety programme, not confirmed"

MY DAILY, 3:28pm: 김현중 측, 강호동 SBS 새 예능 합류설에 "논의중, 확정아냐"
English: Kim Hyun Joong's side, about talks of his joining in to Kang Ho Dong's new SBS variety programme, "Still discussing, not confirmed"

FINANCIAL NEWS, 3:53pm: 김현중 강호동 예능 합류설, 소속사 측 "논의 중일 뿐"
English: Talks of Kim Hyun Joong joining in to Kang Ho Dong's (new) variety programme, agency says "Still only in discussions"

ASIA TODAY, 3:54pm: 김현중 측 ″강호동의 새 예능 출연? 확정된 것 아냐…논의 중″
English: Kim Hyun Joong's side, "Kang Ho Dong's new variety programme appearance? It's not confirmed... Still discussing"

TV REPORT, 4:05pm: 김현중 측 "강호동 새예능 제안받고 논의중 확정NO"
English: Kim Hyun Joong's side, "Received offer for Kang Ho Dong's new variety programme - Still Discussing, Confirmed NO"

HANGUK ILBO, 4:11pm: 김현중 측 "강호동 새 예능프로그램 출연? 확정 아니다"
English: Kim Hyun Joong's side, "To be appearing in Kang Ho Dong's new variety programme? It's not confirmed"

SEGYE ILBO, 4:12pm: 김현중, 강호동과 SBS 새 예능 프로그램 함께?…"출연 논의 중"
English: Kim Hyun Joong, to join with Kang Ho Dong for new SBS variety programme?... "Still discussing about it"


  1. For me KIM HYUN JOONG in a variety show is simply the best thing ...these variety shows made me fall for him now I am all set to fall for him deeper and deeper
    I love You KHJ

  2. I don't think I want him as a fixed guest with someone in a variety show~I prefer seeing him as guests in all sorts of shows~

    1. Yeah! That's what makes it worth following and watching if he comes as guests~ Fixed would be too tiring since he acts and sings as well.My Hubby needs his rest!

  3. sounds good but ill go with kathy too. yoo jaes sook would be better.But kim hyun joong will be busy since his preparing for a comeback.whatever it is , i just hope for whats best for him.

  4. I always think that '1 Night 2 Days' or 'Running Man' is a good variety show for him, because KHJ really like playing game(and hate losing, anyone remember KHJ and Hwang Buin in WGM [^_^] kekeke).
    I'm just a bit worried, because not everything with Kang Ho Dong / Yoo Jae Suk can turn out well (eg; 'KHD+TVXQ ChangMin, Moonlight Prince' and 'YJS+SuJu EunHyuk, Come to Play' -> both got cancelled).
    But I'm hoping through variety show, many more people can know who KHJ really is; amazing, hard working, generous, polite and the humor which make all of us fall for him =P Let's us all wish the best for him, who knows, maybe this can turn out very well, KHJ is the alien afterall. [^_^]

  5. I think this is related to this news (if I'm not mistaken).
    It is rumored to be like '1N2D' and headed by 'Family Outing' PD


  6. HJ needs his presence felt again in SK after being In Japan for sometime. Being in a variety show means he can ease in SK's entertainment consciousness almost effortless given his personality and former popularity/experience in variety program.

    His world tour is still sometime towards the end of the year. He needs something different to do as a break from the stress of preparations.

  7. he needs exposure for his comeback, so go hj!WE support u all the way...let's wish him all the best!

  8. KHJ: is the right moment to a really World Tour- Mort-America(méxico, usa, canada), south-america(argentina, chile, brasil, colombia)Europa(España, Reino Unido, Nordic Country(Norway,Sweden,Finland)) Rusia(Moscu). The entire World is waiting for you, this year is for Giro por tutti le monde.


  9. I agree with Kathy. I don't mind him doing variety show but I also prefer MC Yoo. KHD is now with SM. SM must be very desperate since KHD TV shows are not doing well. Beside I saw this news last week from Baidu and someone mentioned that Keyeast said NO since KHJ will be busy with his world tour.

  10. Let does that he wants. Fans need to agree with any its decision only.

    1. Agree with you he knows what is best for him what happened with CC was for circumstances out of his hands, any decision he will take I'll support him

  11. Oh this is a no for me. KHD shows are not faring off well lately. And i dont want another setback for KHJ since city conquest. I hope he will focus more on the album.

    1. I wish to nobody strokes of bad luck and the more so to KHJ. But if the person is higher than his problems. He to become is stronger. The problems be perceived as inevitability.



  13. I hope he will not take it . i love very much to see him as a guest in variety shows not as a host just yet. In my opinion if he is going to make a comeback this June he will need a considerate time to prepare it. I think he has talked about the world tour this year and a Drama in the second half of this year. I really hope he is able to keep that plan. I 'm looking forward to his Korea's comeback stage and a new drama

    The most importance thing i hope he will have a very good rest and be healthy while taking all the coming ahead projects.