Sunday, March 24, 2013

Important Highlights from Kim Hyun Joong's 2013 UNLIMITED TOUR in Hiroshima by LAFONE: "You have to spend every day as if it were a jewelry or diamond"

I am so touched by his words today.. Especially the one I will highlight for you guys in red.

Credit: https://twitter.com/lafone0606

-HJ hinted that he wud be back to Korean TV soon so that fans wud not miss him.

-I will sing today as if today were the last  day.

-"Do you miss me if you cannot see me for a while?"  I will be back with new albumn via world tour.

-"I have to be back to Korean TV, maybe very soon.  "

-"The no of encore songs will be up to you,guys.  I will decide it according to my feeling.

-Also whether I will appear on 2F or not will be up to you.  If The atmosphere is fine , I will.  If not, I will not go there"

-After "U", you increased 1 encore song. You guys still miss some. I 'm not so easy guy as you know.

-"This Unlimited tour made me recognize how happy I am because I'm a singer.In 10-20 years, I wonder whether the same no of fans will come or not.  Till when I could dance? I ask myself recently.In life, the time will come when you have to quit what you like as you will feel physically difficult to continue.Therefore, you have to do what you have to within today , if you're young. You have to spend every day as if it were a jewelry or diamond.Fm now on, you may not see me for a while but it will not be so long.  If we believe in each other, we feel close each other.


  1. Very poignant, very true. Serious moment, but he is always honest and upfront.

  2. What a touching expression of him. If you will analyze, KHJ is a a warm and loving person not only as an idol but as a human. Hope that we fans will forever adore him til he can no longer dance. But of course, he should not leave showbiz. I really adore him.