Friday, March 29, 2013

(Fancam) Kim Hyun Joong's Rehearsal for Okinawa Film Festival by HOLLISHYUN

The words in RED are words from HOLLISHYUN. 

Don't re-upload, re-edit & erase the logo!
Don't re-make any other video using my video!
(No capture & No flash video)
Don't move this video to everywhere that are related "We got married" 

These are Hyunjoong's songs, "Do You Like That" and "Lucky Guy"
at the rehearsal stage of Okinawa. It was too far to take a video.
Please enjoy only the spot air of Okinawa.

28th March, Kim Hyun joong was very busy all day long.
At 10:00 Hyunjoong had a stage rehearsal for night stage.
At 14:00 Hyunjoong was awarded the 'Creators Factory Best Actor'.
At 17:00 Hyunjoong had a Mini-Concert on the Okinawa beach.
29th March, at 12:40 Hyunjoong left the Okinawa.

Adding the fancams I failed to add on my previous post.. Credits all to HOLLISHYUN

This is the edited stages of last concert of 2013 Japan Tour "Unlimited".
Each stage is very short but please enjoy the mood by this video

This is the last of last of last encore stage after wandering 1st & 2nd floor.
Kim Hyunjoong threw all his energy into the last encores.
Hyunjoong sang his title song "Your Story" for fans with all his heart.
Hyunjoong, we shall not forget Your Story.
We shall remember the time that we are with you.

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