Thursday, January 31, 2013

[News] KBS and Producers Clash Over the Issue of ′City Conquest′

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KBS and Media Back, production company of the drama City Conquest, have entered a conflict over the reason the channel will not yield a time slot to the drama. Media Back has been saying the channel isn′t yielding for political reasons, while KBS has strongly denied the claims.

Media Back said through a press release on January 31, “The executives of the KBS drama center said the reason we were not given a time slot was because, though the quality of the drama′s content and its business value is high, its violence does not fit the mood of the launch of Korea′s new government.

City Conquest is about the lead Baek Mir′s fight against the social evils that led his family to ruin.

It added, “We listened to the opinions of the executives while we tried to reach an agreement on the issue, and replaced our screenwriters and actors, and edited our scripts despite the loss it brought to our production costs. Soon after, however, a new president was appointed to KBS and he replaced the drama center executives, after which we were told through an unofficial route, as if they were tossing us aside, that we would not be getting a time slot.

It then touched on the issue of the drama Iron King, saying, “The issue of the drama Iron King, which sparked much debate before the Presidential elections last year, has been brought up again in the time slot discussions, showing that [the channel] is trying too hard to show its loyalty to the new government. City Conquest′s deadline to get a time slot was to last through 2013, but the sudden new decisions that were made at the first meeting with the new executives show that KBS is being tyrannical. We also wish to question whether the new executives of the drama center are qualified to work for KBS, which is supposed to be a public broadcasting system.”

Iron King had previously been pitched into a giant controversy regarding its subject matter, as it seemed the drama would glorify former President Park Chung Hee, the father of current President-elect Park Geun Hye, as its story unravelled.

Media Back then added that the drama had already signed a contract to be sold at a hefty amount to Japan, and that it was expected to draw more profit and attention from a variety of countries around the world, supporting the competitive edge the drama has.

KBS soon answered the press release with a notice of its own, posting its stance on its official webpage.

The channel said, “We have held four meetings regarding the issue of City Conquest, and looked over it with care. We have continuously asked the drama for feedback on its quality, following our decision to wait before giving it a time slot.

It added, “After looking through the recent scenario and plot, however, we have decided that it is not very competitive, and contains too much violence as well as other issues unfit to air in a public broadcasting channel. This is why we made the decision to deny it a time slot.”

KBS then mentioned that in an initial document handed to the producers, which showed KBS intended to allot a time slot to the drama, it was specifically stated that a time slot would be denied if the script turned out to be uncompetitive. It added it would take strict measures against the claims taken up on the part of Media Back that defamed the channel.

City Conquest stars Kim Hyun Joong, and is based on a Korean manga of the same title.


  1. KBS is being funny what did they meant it's not competitive..have they watched some of the dramas this past month..me i love watching Kdramas even if it's not KHJ but really this past I don't have the taste. why because the last 5 Dramas i watched are all the same plot, boring ang really no sense, and now KHJ's drama hasn't shot the first scene and yet sold already in other countries..what is not competitive..haaayyy

  2. This issue for me is very disappointing from KBS because if the problem is the violent so why they're going to air IRIS 2? they contradict what they say and do so for me is something more but anyway something better will come for KHJ either do CC for cable or the overseas market or another drama so let's continue supporting him is the best we can do

  3. Wow... How uncool of ksb. It sounds like they are trying to give cc the run around. Not cool. I don't know how tv show run and stuff but can't they sell the show to someone outside the country?that show would totally show here in the US. I hope they find a way to show it not only because it looks awesome but because i want to see Hyun Joong acting again! GOOD LUCK HYUN AND CC! Fighting!

  4. so sad to hear this!!!
    ok.. KBS is totally wrong!!!!... it seems like they don´t want to support their own artist!!!

    KHJ IS GREAT... HIS ONLY NAME IS SINONIM OF SUCCESS!!!!... can they see this????... over world we are waiting so anxius for this drama...

    i feel sorry for the corean fans... they don´t deserve this kind of treatment from KBS; finally ... i´m sure they want to watch KHJ acting!!!

    we will support him ALWAYS!!!... and I hoppe this drama go on...

  5. IRIS got KIM SEONG WOO ( host in 1N2D ), Shin Hyeon Jun ( Entertainment Weekly broadcaster )and some other drama they got their 'darling artist' in there...no wonder they reject CC!! defuck!!

  6. again KBS put their foot in their mouth “is insufficiently competitive and contains a lot of violence to air through public broadcasters. That’s why we decided not to air the series,”
    REALLY?!? what about the Iris? and Iris 2 = no violence there ? what about the city hunter not enough?! and what about the “They also used an expression on defamation of character.” – no kidding who is using this, me think KBS and no other way around. Geez get a grip KBS and snap out of the sterotype of dramas that you are airing, it is the 2013 after all. I think they really insult their viewers with stupid childish dramas full of prudish and stupid complots. KBS really sucks after all. Low grade channel, CC should not be aired on a channel with such low standards. It will be an insult to all those who really worked hard for CC the crew and cast and productions. don’t forget people it involves a lot of other people not only our KHJ.

  7. KHJ should not give up on this project. When he gave up the movie My Pet JGS took it. When he lose the Athena role, Choi Siwon took it. Someone is waiting for this role. KHJ fans should fight until the end.