Saturday, January 26, 2013

Important Highlights from 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED in KAGAYA

Credit: @piro66hj / @SS501KHJ606 / @yukirin518
Translated by: @OnlyKHJtimes
Lifted from: http://angelichyunsmonde.blogspot.com/


Hyun Joong sang 5 songs for ENCORE tonight!

"U" was the last song for ENCORE and he went down to the stage and go to the audience's seats..
While Hyun Joong sang a song, his muffler stuck to something, and the fans near there took it off. Then he said, “I thought i was gonna die to be tided my neck up, because it was too hard to breath“

Hyun Joong danced a lot tonight. He danced “bench dance“, from KISS KISS and steps on the stage, of course, the one, hand closing n opening one too

There was a live MV, that shows Hyun Joong went off the stage n get ready to the encore. It shows Hyun Joong went back to the staff room and drink water and encouraged fans to call for ENCORE.
Hyun Joong spoke a lot inf Japanese tonight, and had so much fan with fans


Good evening to people from UDON prefecture! This is KHJ. Thanks a lot to the fans who came to tonight for the show. To tell you the truth, i had the fact which i didn't know..

One year has been already passed since I've debuted in Japan, When was that? nijyuugo? (25th?) I'm still a fresh singer in Japan (big laugh). As I have now, I can have the concert in Kagawa, it's because of your support

Hyun Joong said, “there are fans I've seen a lot of times and the first time. I surely remember all of them.“
According to the staff, Im the first Korean artist to have a concert in Kagawa. It might be wrong. Is it famous from UDON in Kagawa, right? Tangerine is also famous, is it right? My staff told me that and bought me that. haha

Hyun Joong laughed out when he introduced the next song saying “It's a proposal song, I feel like I'm speaking out what i shouldn't say.“ and he kept laughing. At least he did the reason why he laughed out. But he said “It's the wedding ceremony for Wondergirls, Sonne(?) ssi in Korea"

Hyun Joong said “i really don't relate to her at all, but as the same artist, i wanna sing the song! It's for her husband! Don't tell me strange, funny (?) things, I'm gonna be misunderstood what i mean!“


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