Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Important Highlights from Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED at SENDAI

As translated by: https://twitter.com/crazyhyun66

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai:After HEAT+Rize Up+Save Today 3 songs~HJ has a short break,n he changed a pants today^^cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai②:during singing~HJ's clothes was blown up by wind,so fans saw his skin,lol~looked very healthy^^cdt:专用Rida

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai④:HJ said there were many male fans in 1st row,so he was shy when pointed to fans during U^^cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑤:U+DYLT+LG+If you were like me,when I'm your man,HJ trained fans to sing"I'm your women"again^^cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑥:talk time:HJ said if today his paper plain failed to fly to 2nd floor again,he'll try his best to learn how to make it,n promised he'll fly his plain to 2nd floor during this tour,lol~so cute HJ^^cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑦:Please+Your Story+Be me girl,fans sang together with HJ during YS,sorry for leaving out I'm yours^^cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑧:HJ asked fans when do they wanna a gift~now or encore time?fans answered wanna two~then HJ went to backstage and back with PLEASE,so his gift is singing PLEASE without sunglasses??lol,cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑨:it's time for LLT,without doubt this is the most popular song so far!!cdt:CMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai⑩:HJ said he stayed at JP those days~so he'll back to Korea soon~cdtLCMF

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai-11:Let me be the one~then encore time!YS+DYLT+LG!

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Sendai-12:keke~HJ's paper plain successfully flied to 2nd floor tonight!so he needn't to learn how to make it,cdt:CMF


Adding photos from NAGOYA/Official upload by KEYEAST

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