Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Highlights from Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED in Saitama

Credit: twitter.com/lafone0606

Cdt lunajun0324: he danced “back side of his dance“ ? he said fans really liked my hip dance, so i will do that on right side? left side?? o.k, right side. fans were “kya~“! then he said “next song is Merr Me“ cool, hahaha 17

Singing.. Because im stupid he sings this because a fans wrote a letter to ask him to sing at the autograph session yesterday. he hasn't prepared, but he thinks it's well done for just one day prepared. Cdt lunajun0324

oh.... no DVD released for this time tour... if DVD is releases, i need to prepare my face and... www Now singing.. DO YOU LIKE THAT Cdt lunajun0324

HJ: what time is it now? 8? it's the middle of concert now. if you guys keep saying “encore“, i'm gonna sing till contracted limited of saitama super arena. Now IF YOU'RE LIKE ME Cdt lunajun0324

HJ: every time i sung "if you're like me", it makes me feel good. now prearing the paper plane, 45 degree is good to fly far.

HJ: next song is “i'm your man“, pls fly to your paper plain when i sing after the phrase “i'm your man“ HJ: if you are man, don't fly your paper plane to me, fly it to your wife! So funny

he says “this UNLIMITED album is loved by many ppl even though i'm not perfect. now i show you khj band ver, but will show you dance ver of khj soon or later. next song is Your Story Cdt lunajun0324

After singing HJ greeted everyone and said "i really enjoyed tonight because of you.. And it's cold so pls don't catch a cold. UNLIMITED means unlimited, and i could feel that tonight


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