Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(Fancam Plus Transcript) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Mobbed at Incheon Airport Upon Arrival from Nanjing,China

I was surprised when I saw this happened to HJ at Incheon. He rarely gets mobbed there. I even read the post twice to make sure it was indeed at incheon. And yes, it did happened there. So sad.

But still, he's ok. Let's hope next time it wont happen again.

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These are transcripts from posts on weibo on what happened at the airport

said he's at a corner, head down. said itz heartbreaking to see him so tired. quite some inconsiderate fans

 sorry... the chaotic situation was at incheon when he arrived. there were many fans, esp overseas fans.

lotsa fans went to see him @ airport. letz juz say it wasnt orderly & HJ wasnt comfortable at all

seems like fans crowded up to him & he's visibly affected. the size of the crowd & how close they got to him probably scared him into running ^.^; (i cant be sure, but i read in one FA he even ran when the traffic light was flashing red.)

guard even warned that if this same

situation happens the next time, they will consider taking alternative route/exit in future for safety reason.

quite some fans said this was the worst airport experience they'd experienced.

HJ was even forced to the middle of the road & had to lean up against a pillar whilst the fans still continued to surround him and clicked away with their cameras.

 a few FAs said that it's the first time they saw HJ's staff this upset/fierce. bodyguard was even telling fans "그만" (bb: 'Stop it!'?

HJ'd driven off fm incheon on his own ^^ fans shared that after he'd left, guards were muttering abt how crazy the fans were 

FA shared that even the airport staff went over when HJ was crowded & surrounded at the pillar. the airport staff were telling the fans they shouldnt behave like that...

the guards also had a tough job having to protect him and yet also ensure fans kept away from the road. guards were urging the korean fans to help by leading by example, so that overseas fans would follow suit and behave in an orderly manner. unfortunately the guards' pleas and voices were drowned in the crowd.

when HJ has driven off, the guards were all shaking their heads and lamenting about how fans were acting in a crazy manner

this is yet another fan sharing about how startled HJ was when he was waiting for his car at incheon airport... 

when he got to his car, he placed all the gifts (presumably received from fans at airport) into the boot. he even said he'd sort the gifts out when he got home.

despite being startled, he's v concerned abt fans. wrestling w/ gifts & letters, he fended off cars for fans & told them to be careful

the guards had chided in korean, so only korean fans & perhaps a handful of overseas fans who u/stand korean got the message. but hopefully those overseas fans who dont u/stand korean got the message too, through the tone of the guards.

please. artists are entertainers, public figures alright, but they're by no means objects on exhibit for us to stare at and take pics of 24/7. 

artists are human beings too, and he least we can do is to respect them as human beings.


  1. Suprising indeed. What an experience to start off the new year. Poor Hj. On a positive note, the incident is a proof of his growing popularity n fans in korea cant wait for his comeback.

  2. Poor baby! I would rather the fans remember an important fact - that he is fearful of crowds but in the last few years he had made himself face his fans as calmly as possible. But I should think the fear is still there so let's not make him go back to being his former self, that is, walking really fast and not even greeting or waiting for the fans. Please don't overstep the boundaries - give him some space!!!

  3. Poor guy! I feel terrible for him. He always seems so quite and shy to me and from what I've seen his crowds are always so controlled. i would think that this just freaked him out. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.
    I'm glad for his rising popularity but crazy fans that act like that are the worst part. They ruin it for everyone. I think it's cool to show up and greet him but give him some room and let him breathe.
    No disrespect to anyone because i love to watch these videos people take of him. It's the closes i'll ever get. i just hope the crowd next time will be a little less crazy.


  4. Some people says that is the price of stardom I disagree they are human being and deserve have their space I always watch the videos on the airport and this is the first time I've see something like this so bad I'm happy for his rising popularity but this behavior from some of his fans was out of control he was cornered against a pillar while they continued taking pictures as if it weren't wrong for me was a lack of respect I don't know but although they love him I think this attitude crossed the line, he came from a flight from China and it noticed was tired but they didn't cared, sorry if my comment is very tough but is how I feel, just imagine myself in that situation or someone from my family I would be upset.

  5. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that foreign fans would try to see KHJ at an airport in Korea. Would fans make a trip to Korea just to do that? Living in the U.S., Korea is very far away, so traveling seems a major undertaking.


  7. I hate to say this, in the US its worse for our stars, but I am proud of how Hyun Joong reacted. It appears that he is very surprised, uncomfortable and concerned for the safety of those traveling with him and the fans surrounding him. I enjoy seeing him travel through the airports but I rather have him safe so I hope Keyeast increases the number bodyguards while hyun joong travels or they exit a different way. I guess they could release a statement explaining proper airport manners for those who are waiting for him at the airport, but I hope that this incident doesn't taint the joyful emotions he experienced on this trip. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Eve